Christy Carlson
10:42 AM

Indeed. Gran Turismo. Then I bought a Subaru WRX, intended for storm chasing, partly because I enjoyed the model in the game, and it came with a free 1yr membership to SCCA. Thus my path to motorsports opened up. I don’t know what I would have done had I not received that free membership, or hadn’t been into Gran Read more

9:40 PM

At the professional level, there is no designation and should never be a designation between female or male drivers. Getting women started at the grassroots/local autox level is a different story, where many women want to see other women competing, and getting % up is extraordinarily difficult. I am torn, in that Read more

9:07 PM

You are right. STEM fields suffer from a similar environment that keeps women away just like the car field. That’s why those few of us that are in these fields keep charging forward for change. We know it takes role models and persistence to change hearts and minds. The more of us that can stay in these scientific and Read more

3:19 PM

The problem is absolutely systemic in that the lack of women comes from society’s crushing stigma on what is normal and acceptable for women. It is acceptable for a woman to know nothing about cars, yet that same level of acceptance is not tolerated for men. As a result of generations of ‘barbies for girls’ and Read more

1:24 PM

I’m worried about the price of aftermarket parts on this. Will there be bmw-legos available? Will they cost twice as much as regular legos because they are bmw?

8:00 PM

As a former regional competitor, I see this as a good thing. Having an organization that is volunteer/member based like SCCA will make it more about every team there. The power is going back to the drivers, and everyone who loves rally just for the sake of rally stands to benefit from this.

4:25 PM

Ok, I'll throw my two cents in. There won't be enough women competing for another generation, possibly two, because of how women are raised. Competition is something that is not taught to women, as most in this country and many others are raised to work with one another, and that being competitive or possibly Read more

1:58 PM

All I want to do is Rally. That's it. And I used every bit of cash I had to do it, will save up, and will use everything I have to run it again. (and I'm not the only one out there that's like this.) Read more

1:56 PM

Good for her. But not to diminish upon her accomplishment at a young age, but I would like to see more articles on Jalopnik that are not of the standard variety for young women (aka: My parents, my husband, my boyfriend built a car and then I drove it.) Let's talk about more people, men or women, who come from a Read more

1:23 PM

Talk to Team Oneil. There is another military that has done this for years, that just doesn't talk about it publicly. That being said.. Read more

10:26 AM

Because Loeb made a new world record this year, and because I need to beat that record (at least in the gaming world because no one is going to give me a car fast enough to do it in real life). — Pikes Peak Former Competitor Right Here

1:01 PM

I usually use sound as an indicator of speed/gearing. What is it like being in an electric and are you using anything as an auditory indicator of speed (besides wind noise and tire sounds)?

2:51 PM

Terrifying on the way up? Only for my mother. On the way down, on the other hand, that's a different story. I broke down during the race (threw rod #3 right through the block on race day 2011 just past Devil's playground) and they did the 'slingshot'.. took me to the top of Devil's Playground and unhooked with a smile Read more