Jul 12

The moment Baby Doll and Dorothy started playing, it was so sweet and you also could instantly tell that it was going to end so, so badly. I want to talk more about this show with my friends, but I’m the only one watching it, and you just. can’t. explain it. Each episode is cracking with so much stuff and it’s all so Read more

Jun 18

I hope they are giving at least inspirational credit for this to the amazing artist Kara Walker. Have seen in person some of her earlier works based on shadow puppets, and it is devastating.

Jun 16

Milioti was also Sirena Ong in the previous 2 seasons of The Venture Brothers.

May 3

Yeah, this sounds a lot more like Looper than Timecop, although it’s based on a novella that came out 60 years before Looper.

Apr 30

The reaction to “mailer-daemon” had me in tears.

Apr 15

Cate Blanchett was clearly having the time of her life as Hela. It was such a delight to watch.

Apr 8

To me, Annie Murphy as Alexis has the best character arc in TV history, even surpassing Alexis Denisof as Wesley on Buffy & Angel 

Apr 8

You know, I liked it, but I think I preferred the previous episode just a tiny bit more. Part of me wishes we would have seen a little bit more of the Roses and their respective futures.
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Feb 16

I am looking forward to watching this and getting really invested before SyFy cancels it to the angst of millions scores of fan viewers.
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Feb 12

Wes Anderson backlash is so strange to me. The guy has generated little-to-no controversy in 25+ years of making major movies and he puts out a reliably solid (and lucrative) product.
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Jan 6

Hmm. Who is a one-off Thor villain that’s big enough for an Oscar winner and Batman, but not too big that never showing up again would be fine? Read more

Dec 15

As someone here said last week. If they don’t stick the landing it’s the journey. That landing I think came very close. To humanize a superhero/god in the moments of death Manhattan/Cal was genuinely great and it was surprisingly moving. The mechanics to get there were fine in a kind of techno-forward dance club Read more

Dec 6

Everytime I listen to Crystal Japan I can’t help but have visions of cyberpunk/Blade Runner running (ahem) through my mind. And that song was recorded/released in 1980 (along with, on the B side of the single release, what I consider one of Bowie’s weaker efforts, his re-imagining of Alabama Song), a full 2 years Read more