May 21

Not as funny as last episode, but Simon the Furious’s crew roll call is a delight.
As was Guillermo’s subtle little nostril pinch at the reveal of the sewer gift bat.

(and i think it’s “Impusa”)

Mar 12

Bruny (Terrier X) and Quincy (Lab Basset X). Adorable dorks.

Jan 12

If there’s a record for most-consecutive-promo-shots-with-superheroes-standing-in-a-row, I'd say the CW has broken it with this series

Dec 31

i’d have loved to comment on some of these popular 2019 io9 posts, but i’ve been grey and pending since about 2016.   :/

Nov 14

My favourite soup recipe is for the Soup of the Day that is made up of various soups all made up with the same ingredient.

It is very easy and quick to prepare and it’s a great way to use up any left over ingredients in the fridge! I always keep some of this in the fridge and then make the soup up when I have some left Read more

Jun 5 2019

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains was standing beside Dillahunt.

May 23 2019

SERIES SYNOPSIS: Each episode, Picard relaxes on his porch while reviewing wines from across the known universe. Read more

Apr 27 2019

thought for sure Cap at the end would go back in time with the stones and Natasha would be the one to return.

Apr 2 2019

which only added to it’s mystique. Once it left YTV it took mw YEARS to get caught up. Buying $$$ DVD boxsets at FutureShop was the only way! Hell, the show was nearly over before i saw Season 2 in it’s entirety.

Mar 15 2019

Six Million Dollar Man action figure. Mine disappeared, only to reappear decades later in a box of my younger sisters Barbies. Colonel Austin was missing a leg, and his signature red tracksuit had been replaced by a striped kimono.

Mar 1 2019

I got nothing but time, all day, for Milla. 

Jan 17 2019

“Today’s secret ingredient is... ACTION!”