Jul 9

Sorry, Mexico points kinda got forgotten in the covid madness. I will be adding them and fantasy WRC will resume in September with the championship. I will be making an announcement on adjusting the number of dropped rounds as well

Feb 11

On the upside, maybe another warm Rally Sweden will make the FIA move their winter rally to Canada, where there is always snow. 

Sep 6

The pictures are awful because I keep my office dimly lit.

Jun 14 2019

Oregon is terrible. Stop spreading lies. It's so bad. Anyone thinking of moving here should consider somewhere else. For your own good of course. Because Oregon is terrible. It's constantly raining. These pictures have clearly had the rain photoshopped out.

Sep 24 2018

Bitch.... Michelle O accomplished more in her life BEFORE she became first lady than you and your whole tornado bait trailer trash family have ever even read about. Double Ivy League Graduate. Lawyer. Hospital Administrator. Mother. Go getter. Accomplisher of many things, not the least of which is to be married to a Read more

Sep 18 2018

This is going to get to him bigly.  She could have written that his presidency is the worst thing to happen to America since 9/11.  She could have written that his wife is hideous looking and braindead.  She could have written that he is a grade-A asshole and dumber than a nutless squirrel.  She could have called his Read more

Aug 20 2018

Always my first thought when a Toyota is dominating. Fool me once......