Sadly Raphael has proven over and over to know anything about the cars he is commenting on. Jalopnik doesn’t seem to mind. 

178KPH = 110.77....Sweet Mother of Monte!

Your reporting is equal to nails on a chalkboard...

I live in Bend for 30+ years. Fly into Redmond if anyone is headed west. Unless you would like to drive over the Cascades with the 4' of snow that we have. Expected for another 6-12" by Thursday. Driveway for reference.

Winter one off limited livery rooks, do your homework.

Looks like sloppy joes for ol’ Chip

Been to Oregon Trail and Olympus the last 10 years in a row (OTR at least after the OLY sabbatical). Can’t get enough! 

Dirtiest player in the association.

I live in Bend. If anyone needs me to go test drive or take other photos I can arrange this.

Ogier is on the right for the record ——>

Everything you have ever heard, confirmed. Soccer is garb.

This happen to us yesterday. And we had a sliver of health left on Cal. So bummed.

Great story. Bend local here soooooo. GO DUCKS!

Mega bro voice in 3...2..1.

Someone will use that gif in 25 years when the 6'ers sweep the series.

The wig is the MOST living thing in this photo.