Mar 3 2016

They also think he was the son of an all known sky god loosely based on Jewish religious though, that he rose from the dead, and then told people to eat him. But yeah, he definitely didn't have blonde hair.

Feb 3 2016

Can I buy one and put Lexus badges on it?

Jan 18 2016

Just a little bit of background. This is the Greater Metro Toronto Hockey League (GMHL) which is an “outlaw” junior league operating outside the auspices of Hockey Canada. Basically, they don’t want to play by Hockey Canada’s rules for a whole host of reasons.

Players who play in these leagues are banned from Read more

Jan 10 2016

Until you directly declared that the race card was on the table, I had no idea it was there. Read more

Jan 10 2016

She’s crying because the trash she threw didn’t hit anyone

Nov 19 2015

I might just call that guy to see if he wants to hang out. I will call him next time I’m arrested in Texas.

Nov 8 2015

I know. Sleeping on the job is a no-no in pretty much all professions. Goodell cannot let this kind of behavior slide.

Nov 8 2015

Excellent question! CarWine may burn your optic nerve because the river water quality down by the docks isn’t great, and motor oil is “bad for you,” but it sure does give me a buzz!

Oct 21 2015

I LOVE these Ask A Lawyer things because they’re the most lawyerly thing ever: Lots of words, doesn’t answer the question.