Apr 10

Every Saw movie is bad, except for the first one, which is merely on the low side of mediocre.

Apr 9

As someone who has been dealing with this half of my life.. uh, crap. (Sinusitis, sinus surgery, allergy shots). I think I’m alright? I mean I definitely have issues where sometimes if I don’t write a thought down of something I need to do/say/buy it’s gone. And sometimes I walk into a room and forget why. But I Read more

Apr 8

They can make whatever they want as long as they keep renewing the batshit joyfest that is Legends of Tomorrow.

Apr 5

It takes VERY little for Disney to ban someone for life, too.  There’s no downside. There are people waiting in line to replace this guy’s $15k with their own.

Apr 2

Being consigned to apple arcade means this game won’t get the players it should, too bad

Apr 2

You go to any swimming pool in the country and you’ll see women in bikinis. Children will be there and will be able to see women in bikinis. This is simply what the swimming pool is. Same with hot tubs, there just aren’t as many hot tubs as there are swimming pools. Read more

Apr 2

“A front page article”? What the fuck? How is it you think websites work? Did you just time-travel in from 1997 or something? Read more

Apr 1

That’s only true for trademarks, not patents or copyrights. While many laymen make this mistake, I am certain that none of the lawyers involved here are misinformed in this way.

Apr 1

This always happens to me when I wash ladles. I forget that they’re essentially just big trampolines for water, and get soaked in the face.

Apr 1

I understand the power of an AI in accomplishing tasks or searching for information but I don’t trust the companies behind them to not sell my information or track my usage or become vulnerable to hacking. I don’t use Cortana, Google AI, Alexa, Bixby or Siri since I don’t consider Apple even remotely viable.  Each AI Read more

Apr 1

Consider it a fair warning, now you don’t risk being unexpectedly exposed to Logan Paul

Mar 31

You’re still projecting your feelings about a problem that doesn’t involve you. You are complaining you already have a game available on PS5 that was given to PS4 players. Read more