Jan 8

2002 is probably my peak moviegoing year. I saw at least a dozen films in theaters, which seems like a lot now. The only 2 that are really memorable for are Signs and The Ring. I liked Signs more than most people. I wasn’t bothered by the water thing at all. And it had a couple of great jump scares (although I’ll Read more

Dec 8

I wish everyone would stop telling me the cool surprises of Spider-Man 3.

Dec 8

Kathryn Hahn in tentacles. Someone’s been reading my erotic fanfiction again.

Nov 13

Final shot of the season: Mando hands Baby Yoda to Ahsoka; she pauses briefly, then chucks BY over her shoulder and walks away.

Nov 11

It’s great to see a classic story of American life be told the right way, with an Irish person, a British person and two Australians. 

Oct 8

Probably because the multiverse is going to be involved, and everyone needs a mentor when it comes to parallel universes. 

Oct 5

I don’t know. When I read harbinger my mind immediately jumped to Galactus.

Sep 1

I’m playing this game on my Switch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t really get people who are so graphic obsessed. It is a great game and that’s all I could ask for, got more than my money’s worth on it

Aug 5

In 1999 I suffered from Confused Mother for a Christmas present. I requested “Blade”. I received “Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut.” It remains the best mistake my mother ever made.