May 13

I mean, this is the show that sent a daughter to her room forever. I don’t remember the name but some say she’s still sitting on her bed, wondering how it all went wrong.

May 10

Wrong, it went downhill once Hawaii happened.  Before, there were moments of good, but Hawaii was pure trash.  As a teen I loved that trash.  Looking back now, shame.

May 5

I was replying to the main but it posts them in sequential order so yeah.  I was talking about Caleb and not Tarkin.

May 4

It was VERY strange hearing a young Caleb speak like a nearly 50 year old man.  They couldn’t do anything to try and fix that?  Freddie, can’t you bring your voice up an octave or two?  But over all, very solid first episode to a show I wasn’t to keen on happening.

May 4

That was a neat scene but I don’t know many kids/teens that sound like 50 year old dudes.  That was a bit hard to swallow.  

Apr 13

I just saw Dogma over the weekend and it's a good movie. Kevin Smith really fell hard at one point in the recent past because he's just shilling his name out for anything. He's become Jason Mewes in that story he told a while back: he'd suck off anything. 

Apr 9

I enjoy how all of Zemo’s scenes have him eating or drinking or about to eat or drink. It reminds me of Brad Pitt’s character always eating in Ocean’s Eleven, which was a fun bit.  Like he’s cooler than the room and knows it.

Mar 30

It just takes the right people. Teaming him with Rocket and Tree also helps.