Apr 10 2019

The Fast and the Fuhrerious

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Feb 15 2019

I would definitely have the repair done as a Prelude to any kind of grand Odyssey... Especially one long enough where I’d need a Passport and might end up out of my Element.

Feb 15 2019

According to some Pilots it could be a Jazzy way to become Fit by hosing it a second time to put out the flames! You’d be Legendary!

Dec 6 2018

I made this, it makes the 2019 Camaro look much better.

Dec 4 2018

I recently parked next to a new F150 and, while getting in my car, realized my roof is the same height as the F150's hood. Its headlights are the same height as my rear window. This is getting out of hand.

Nov 27 2018

Honestly I like it as a way to get a bigger Honda than my CR-V, without committing to a three row Pilot or Odyssey. Read more

Nov 27 2018

You just nailed the target market.  This will sell like hotcakes in the Northeast.

Nov 27 2018

You’d be surprised. Not having that 3rd row gives a lot more room behind the second row, and under floor storage. It also has more ground clearance and will probably be faster/get better fuel economy due to less size/weight.

Nov 27 2018

I really like it. This looks great for those of us in the Northeast who want an SUV that can handle the rough roads and winters but don't need a body on frame truck.

Nov 27 2018

Having done surprisingly off-roady things with the Pilot, this shorter version of the Pilot should be better still. Yeah, it’ll smoke a Crosstrek. 

Nov 27 2018

Actually, given it’s close relation to the Ridgeline, it should actually be surprisingly capable and will leave a Crosstrek in the deep mud.

Nov 27 2018

Come on guys, we knew that this wasn’t going to be a true competitor to the 4Runner or Wrangler. For what Honda had to work with this looks pretty damn good. Read more