Aug 10

The sole reason that I started using a wireless charger exclusively is that the most common failure point on my phones has been the charging port. Crud and pocket lint gets shoved up there, the contacts wear out, and if a phone case has a little rubber flipper to protect the port, that rubber flipper wears out and Read more

Aug 4

If you want help identifying the birds visiting your feeder, I highly recommend the free app Merlin Bird ID - available for both Team Android and Apple. Very easy to use and thousands of birds in their data base (pics, songs, general info). I use it all the time to id birds on golf courses.

Jun 23

Perfect explanation. Basically it’s wonderful for we small-town schmucks who occasionally jaunt to the Big City and are used to parking for free, walking into restaurants, and ‘mass transit’ is three buses driving in circles around town all day with 3 people on them.

Jun 23

Its when you are in a pinch and don’t want to bother with the whole process of download the app and register for an account. These are limited to 10mb. Case in point, last year I had reservations in a city I don’t live in. I got there only to find that parking was all handled via an app. An app I would likely not need Read more

Jun 23

I’m an Android person all the way and I’m glad to see all this stuff coming to iOS. If they don’t build off each other, there’s nothing to drive the other to improve. Without one, you’re stuck with the other sitting idle maybe tweaking things here and there. Having similar feature sets in both pushes them to do things Read more

May 27

The squirrel sequence has always stuck with me.

May 21

I forget to ask local artists for postcards! Thanks for the tip.

Old post offices have such beautiful glass and marble, don’t they? 

May 20

As souvenirs I like to get refrigerator magnets of the places I go. Cheap, don’t take up much room in luggage, and don’t clutter up my home.

May 6

In a bold move, I cleaned the best looking spot in my living room, took a photo and use that. It covers up the mess in the day to day, but looks like mine. The best version of my own space, sans Lego and blanket forts. 

Apr 14

We should do both. But the mail is more than a communication tool. When someone in a rural area uses their shiny new internet to order something online, it’s the post office who delivers it, not UPS or FedEx—they pass those deliveries off to USPS because they’re not profitable. Read more

Apr 14

I have no fewer than six kinds of stamps already.  Like $60 worth of stamps.  I love them.  But I signed the petition!

Mar 20

More sci fi than horror, same with Us. I'm always a little surprised that most systems classify those as horror films.

Mar 19

Yeah, definitely took a sci-fi turn, so I think it counts.

Mar 12

Back in the day, before working from home was even a thing, a clever person would schedule mails to be sent on Saturday/Sunday so it looked like they had come into the office on the weekend.

Feb 14

So for years anytime I stay in a hotel, I’ve been able to just plug in my firestick (or before firesticks, laptop or iPad) to an hdmi port and just use the remote to switch inputs. No issues with switching sources. Never have I had to pull out that cat-5 cable. Read more

Jan 29

I think it’s interesting that sentient androids were almost impossible to create but apparently sentient holograms were trivially easy. Read more

Dec 9

It’s easy to mock, but let’s be honest, there are plenty of active volcanoes around the world that are tourist attractions precisely because there is an extremely low chance that it’ll erupt while you’re on it. People like the adrenaline from putting themselves at risk. That’s why theme parks and extreme sports exist. Read more