Gin and Panic
5/15/21 10:36PM

It’s really impressive how many veggie plants are actually nice looking plants

5/15/21 9:57PM

jupp! I come from an houshold with an old “bavarian garden” : 80% food 20% other stuff .... and even the other stuff was chamomile, dog rose (the fruit of roses), marigold, and such.

4/26/21 8:39AM

The camera is over here, sir.—Why you have me screeching like a banshee in my house so early in the morning!!! LOL!!!!

4/25/21 10:54PM

This retroactively justifies the entire premise of the series end of Seinfeld.

4/24/21 9:34PM

I nearly died when I scrolled and saw that last line....

4/24/21 1:26PM

I guess that’s just how he was raised. No respect for law enforcement with those people.

4/11/21 1:20PM

Don’t forget the call out in said Bible about the path-to-hell reminder about hypocrisy, which those same people practice in abundance.

4/11/21 1:10PM

Brought to you by the same people who only read half of the 2nd Amendment and the 10% of the Bible that supports their bigotry. They have a long history of this shit.

4/11/21 12:13PM

...the book that the prayer is featured in describes itself as a book for the weary, the angry, the anxious, and the hopeful, and it says that “this collection of moving, tender prayers offers rest, joyful resistance, and a call to act.” Read more

4/03/21 6:15PM

I call these pathetic dimwit twats the Cut n’ Paste Brigade...what the FUCK does the idiot D.C. councilman have to with the shooter?

4/03/21 5:26PM

He’s been spamming every other story with “herp derp wHy DoN’t YoU tAlK aBoUt tHe CaPitAl?!” and now that Zack wrote the piece, he’s just bringing weaker garbage than usual to the conversation. Honestly, he is sad in the most epic way.

4/03/21 5:24PM

Dobey knows all too well the inner workings of the white incel.

4/03/21 3:10PM

Just a heads-up that the commenter you responded to there is a long-time racist troll/spammer. You’ll never get good-faith engagement with it; best to flag (& dismiss, if it responds to you).

4/02/21 7:14PM

Not being a lady, I can’t speak to this.  However, this is the first thing I thought of when I read your post. :P

4/02/21 2:02PM

It’s as if you’ve read my mind. “Charlatan” is the perfect descriptor for Rowe.

12/15/20 10:27AM

The answer is the only 4 door convertible in the world with suicide rear doors.