Gin and Panic
6/06/21 11:48AM

I didn’t get to read *everything* about this, but I believe I know a few of these. I see this as a form of Solipsism, people that treat social media platforms like a vehicle for themselves, and any interaction you have with them are intrusions into their space. They don’t see it as a a shared space that other, actual Read more

5/31/21 10:44AM

(It’s Memorial Day, so we’re running some of our favorite posts from the last few months while we watch Indy, eat garbage and hug/hi-five our troop friends and family. We hope you’re having a lovely holiday weekend!)

Go have a beer, grill some brats and play cornhole with your family.

5/28/21 10:49AM

It’s probably a good price, but this car looks tired. Like bittersweet single mom after working extended hours during the Christmas rush at Macy’s, coming home to make dinner for extended family and wrapping presents that cost too much, after midnight” tired.

5/27/21 5:29PM

My brain activity every second I spent in the depression closet:

“Have I been in here too long? Am I going to be flagged as a problem employee for even coming in here? How much has my productivity score gone down while I’m in here? I bet they’ll fire me as soon as I step out the door. Do you think anyone will notice if Read more

5/27/21 3:10PM

And, in a broader sense, that dealing with shitty people is not “just a part of being a pro athlete
Read more

5/25/21 5:39PM

Lamborghini owned by a vulture capital firm.

Expect official Lambo household appliances (built by LG), official Lambo house siding, official Lambo cereal, rebadged Hyundai Velosters offered as a “bargain, entry level” Lambo, then for the Lamborghini name to be sold for $500 million to Geely in 12 years when the lineup Read more

5/15/21 12:37PM

Since I’ve been homebound for so long and have the time, most of my flowerbeds have been given over to vegetables, even the containers. Things like Tomatoes, Squash, Peppers, Beans, Sorrels (which are beautiful as well as food), etc. will produce all summer as well. To me, a row of well-tended, giant bright red Read more

5/11/21 3:45PM

“If we don’t let racists be police officers, we won’t have any police officers. Then the minorities will *really* be free to do the crimes!”

5/10/21 9:23PM

I’ve been told this by my right-wing friends for quite a while now. It even has it’s own memes.  

5/04/21 2:09PM

Probably just a wide-angle lens, which can cause objects close to the lens to appear abnormally large relative to more distant objects, and distant objects appear abnormally small and hence farther away. Notice how Carter looks like he’s wearing clown shoes when compared to the rest of his body, so much so that one Read more

5/03/21 10:48PM

So much of this shit pushes all the work on the (probably already) overworked poor to “proove” they deserve help. The “do I qualify” has...10+ steps to walk through. Who wants to do this after your second McWalBucks shift today?

How about you just go to last year’s federal tax return, and if you didn’t owe anything, Read more

5/03/21 5:14PM

This is where your hamstrings will be stored the first time you forget those hooks are there and try to slide out of bed.

5/02/21 10:57PM

I’m sure he’s still sleeping just fine once he hits his bed every night.

4/28/21 12:12PM

When I went to Office Depot, they made a double-sided copy on cardstock and laminated *that*, so I have the original and a laminated copy.  The laminated copy goes with me and the original stays in my lockbox with all my other papers.