Jul 28

Would it kill them to add difficulty settings?
Was all set to absolutely love the game but the difficulty curve was like a freakin hockey stick to where I was dead in the water fairly early on.
I paid for the damn game. Let me enjoy the damn game.
Give me a gamer badge of a dunce cap that says LOSER in all caps for Read more

Apr 28

Thanks for making a better world for my daughter and all the girls who love gaming! You rock Maddy!

Mar 30

Thank you, to Stephen and all of the Kotaku staff, for doing their absolute best to provide us all with some levity and a form of normalcy in these trying times, even as you all deal with the same issues as everyone else. You all are a shining light in the fog this world is in, helping in your own ways to give hope Read more

Jan 27

Loving basketball shouldn’t make you overlook the fact that someone is a rapist.

Sep 10 2019

Yeah the X was the last truly exciting & revolutionary iPhone, everything since has been a tweak here/there that 95% of consumers won’t notice. That’s why I switched to a Pixel; I eventually got tired of the same old thing.

Jun 12 2019

There were articles that the development team had been playing Red Dead Redemption 2. Maybe her hair was longer but she had to trim it to rob a riverboat casino. 

Apr 17 2019

The neat thing about this is it’s the opposite of black magic - it’s extremely easy to do and pretty straightforward. The hard part is just getting the idea.

Jun 11 2018

I hate to be that guy, but you’re wrong. Nintendo almost always name their games with the name of the main protagonist. For example, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Kid Icarus. And yup, the fox is called Star Fox, just like the game. It’s a fox, and it has fox in the name! Duh.

Jun 10 2018

As a PS4 owner and fan of the Devil May Cry series, I want to thank Microsoft for saving us from there ever being a DmC 2. Ninja Theory is your problem now and won’t ever taint any franchises I care about again.

Jun 4 2018

Giving these moments strong, purposeful contexts. Plenty of stories tackle abuse or sexual trauma in ways that are both shocking but nevertheless empathetic. I don’t think Cage’s stories manage that, unfortunately. Read more

Jun 4 2018

These e topics shouldn’t be ignored, and they are the type of things that great story tellers are able to correctly use, but what is the middle ground between abusing characters, and ignoring/avoiding the issue?