Jan 6

The big offender for me remains Smash Bros.
Don’t get me wrong: I adore this game and each character reveal has the 40 year old me giddy with excitement. However in 2021, I can’t find a rationale to justify why after 78 fighters we still don’t have a black character (multi skin characters like Splatoon, Villager, etc Read more

Apr 28

Thanks for making a better world for my daughter and all the girls who love gaming! You rock Maddy!

Dec 27 2019

My new gaming resolution will be 3840 x 2160. Thanks I'll be here all week.

Dec 26 2019

My job makes run from task to task. This race continues at home running from chore to chore. When the weekend arrives and I can finally enjoy some time with the kids, I often find myself subdividing everything in tasks that need completing instead of cherishing that time. Read more

Jul 2 2019

I’m going through a pretty rough time in my life and playing Undertale (and listening to its music) Fills Me With Determination.

Jul 26 2017

Brian, this isn’t the last problem. I’m still waiting for the 3DS version of the game. At this stage, I’d rather get a refund as I have lost any interest in playing this thing.