Yesterday 12:13PM

No. The only requirements are to stay away from the red marked areas. Also, engineers are supposed to wear high visibility jackets since we move around so much. Otherwise, just wear whatever is comfy that allows you to walk/stand all day. Read more

Yesterday 11:39AM

It’s one of those things that always gets overlooked, but holy shit does it look hard to build a car. From design to manufacturing, everything is complicated. Like, some dude (more likely a team) had to design, test, and build a machine to deliver a seat at exactly there right time to exactly the right place, and it Read more

6/04/21 6:54AM

Because they (like all auto manufacturers) are a global corporation. The idea that they have some kind of fealty to their nominal home countries is just a patriotic fiction for the sake of marketing. If they thought there was a good business case for it, they’d pull up stakes and move out so fast your head would spin.

6/03/21 6:20PM

TLDR: We are still living with what is basically a protectionist knee-jerk reaction from over half a century ago.

6/02/21 1:05PM

The real story hear is trying to charge $50 a pound for meat. Get the fuck out of here. 

6/02/21 10:09AM

“Worth” is difficult to define. It cannot possibly have enough economic draw to pay to stay afloat. As an historic artifact, it’s interesting, but so is RMS Titanic, which sits on the ocean floor. If they do some planning I can see the physical ship being replaced with a Virtual Reality tour at museums, with some Read more

6/02/21 8:42AM

With no working bilge system I’m extremely surprised it hasn’t sank already. They must have some sort of temporary pumps set up, no way a ship that size doesn’t take on some amount of water just in a normal day.

6/01/21 5:48PM

Couple of Toyota Supras would pull a premium one week before race wars.

6/01/21 5:36PM

If I had the $300-400k this thing will likely fetch, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I don’t care if it’s an auto, this car literally changed how I saw cars. I might get rid of the fake gauges in the passenger airbag well and install an airbag, and replace the steering wheel with an original airbag wheel if I were going to Read more

5/27/21 7:49PM

This is just like when you tell your grandma when you’re little that you like something stupid and she’ll only get you that stuff as presents every year for your birthday, even when you’re an adult. Read more

5/27/21 5:18PM

This is just gaudy and tacky if you ask me. Nothing about this says “class” or “sophistication”. Including the wine fridge, watches, and pens makes it feel like this is trying way too hard. I like the idea of a boat tail design, but if you ask me, Mercedes did it better.

5/27/21 5:13PM

This is money well-spent!

When we finally eat the rich, as least this one will come with a decent wine pairing.