Apr 19 2019

Subject (and strange choice of target for scorn) aside, this isn’t even an article. There’s no through line, no theory, no point you ever get to. It’s just a collection of quotes from people with no underlying theme to hold it together. What was your conclusion after listening to all these interviews and podcasts? Read more

Oct 9 2017

Nooo!!! Nelly, I defended the song “Cruise” in Worst Song Bracket when no one else would. Why you gotta do this.

Oct 7 2017

We had one male jezzie who used to troll the SNS threads and talk about how his daughter had “electra” syndrome and wanted to fuck him. It took I believe Jinni calling him out for him to stop posting his fantasies all over SNS. Funny thing is though, people just forgot that he did that, and he comments to this day. I Read more

Sep 7 2017

Seriously, Jane is great at some stuff but that was terrible advice. She’s somebody I would absolutely be friends with IRL but I’d always be “Oh girl, NO” whenever she tried to give advice. I don’t think I’ve read a single column of Ask Jane yet that hasn’t made me angry. :(

Sep 7 2017

what the f kind of advice did you give to question 1

Aug 14 2017

You are literally proving the point of both of these articles by chiming in with “But it’s not me and my friends who are doing this! Most white people aren’t doing this!”. You are doing this, right now.

Aug 14 2017

With all due respect, white liberals have been telling us that ‘few bad apples’ trope for the last 60 years.... which is why you were all so stunned at Trump’s victory. America is RACIST AS FUCK, we’ve been telling you so, now it’s time to stop telling us what we’re saying isn’t so bad. It fucking is.

Aug 13 2017

This is at least the third article I’ve read in a similar vein — about depressed people neglecting their self-care — in the last month or two. I don’t know what has caused this emergence, but I welcome it. I work from home so I’m not worried about what I look/smell like to other people, so my depression wins most Read more

Aug 11 2017

Don’t use my last name. But please do broadcast my smug, punchable face on national television!

Jul 6 2017

IIRC, it was a favorite word of these two, in a situation perhaps eerily similar to this one.

Jul 6 2017

I live in Memphis and used to eat at this restaurant until a friend of mine posted about her experience working there - they leave open breastmilk in the fridge, use expired products, essentially just microwave gardein patties and treat their employees like GARBAGE. They have been running wild on social media for a Read more

Jun 12 2017

Haha “Brie Larson, a white brunette actress, star of Community and voice talent on Bojack Horseman, now Academy Award winner for her turn as a young mother forced to bear and raise her child in captivity in the dark psychological drama Room....”

Jun 12 2017

Shaun of the Dead, but mostly just here to say that sleek bob does wonders for her.