I think he is. He’s super manipulative but he’s not totally corroded like the rest. I thought the way he asked Comfrey out was manipulative as fuck. Read more

Roman is also terrified of his father dying. He needs to believe Logan is absolutely invincible- even in the face of death. Anyone would’ve been repulsed by Lukas’ flippancy about their dad dying, but Roman... he had a look that said ‘as long as no one says it out loud, it’s not real.’ Read more

I mean, he doesn’t care about it, but wrote a whole-ass article about. Read more

I was legit trying to star it. Read more

We used to send every sick, injured or orphaned animal we found at our summer camp to a woodland rescue that would try to help them. She could’ve found somewhere. Read more

While I think they are gross, hamsters aren’t too expensive to look after and kids really like them. It could have made a nice “pet” for someone. Read more

I have an insane phobia of rodents so I wasn’t even able to look at pics of the hamster on my newsfeed. However, I think this was disgusting and cruel because it was her pet. You just don’t do things like that. I’m also no massive animal lover, but I think emotional support animals are a really creepy thing. I love my Read more

No one is upset. You willining watched a video of someone’s happy moment just to be shitty about it. Congrats. Read more

TO YOU. Newsflash: Everyone is different. Read more

This is a shitty comment. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to motherhood. It’s a valid thing to want to do. You’re projecting your issues on to someone else and that’s fucked up. Get therapy and work that shit out. Read more

Oh fuck off. She’s an adult, she wanted to be a young mom, and she’s successful. Teen pregnancy rates have been dropping for years, and it’s more likely woman will be mid 30s when she has her first rather than 16. Read more

That was bloody lovely and I had more than few wobbly lip moments. Her friends and family seem incredible and I wish Kylie the best. Welcome to the world little Jenner-Scott. Read more

This is what I don’t get either. What is she supposed to do? I’m not an activist for trans women. It’s not my place nor am I comfortable with involving myself a movement I frankly have questions about. I, sympathetic to trans women, and will use my voice to amplify their stories, but I’m not doing any more than that. Read more

He is a breathtakingly unattractive man. Read more

Lots of Gen Xers are in the same boat. Can’t you do absentee ballots? I don’t live in the country & I haven’t missed an election since I left. Read more

Someone to “inspire” them. Because fuck the good of the country, the Constitution, the safety and security of other countries, they need the purest, most inspirational candidate that will make all of the birthdays and Christmases come at once. Read more

I find this hilarious. I’m actually an Old who is very well paid for working in social media. I often tell the younger ones who get shirty with me unlike them, I have no need to put PayPal links in my bio. Read more