I mean, ok? 11 years means a lot more or less depending on the actual ages of the people involved. Read more

I mean, I think “her 20s” is a pretty broad range. I don’t know that I would have too much in common with a 21 or 22 year old, but I’ve had women friends who were in their late 20s, and I think if there’s enough common ground between two people, 27 is a perfectly acceptable age to decide to enter into any kind of Read more

he comes off as arrogant by putting himself in his own movies Read more

Wasn’t it Logan Paul who was in Wrestlemania? Read more

Not sure if you’ve watched any old Conan segments with female guests lately, but Conan had some cringeworthy moments too... I was in the “like Conan’s sense of humor/don’t watch a lot of late night” category for many years, and was firmly “Team Coco” when it came to the Leno/NBC stuff, so I’m not saying this Read more

I’m not sure of the BTS Black Army’s position here... If they like the group, have educated them out their cultural appropriation and influenced these Koreans to contribute to BLM, what respect is missing? Sounds like they want the warmth of the white gaze and inclusion in their midst. Why?! Read more

1) it’s easy to reject or ignore beauty standards when you meet them and benefit from meeting those requirements. Read more

Bernie is a current Senator, and extremely well-liked politician. Hillary is neither of those things Read more

I think this is where YouTube will pivot, too. Read more

He’s a lot less popular with Democrats who are currently alive in 2020 than the same people doing “purity tests” are, so I’m not sure you’re as in step with where most Dems are currently at as you think. Read more

The problem is that McCain and Kasich are literally Republicans. Read more

Given how many Democrats seem interested in rehabilitating George W. Bush, it’s not really surprising that Bill keeps getting invites to speak at prominent events (where we then hope he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth like he did at John Lewis’s funeral). But man, do I wish he would go away forever (I say as someone Read more

It’s reasonable to assume that Ellen has several members of staff who live on site.   Read more

So judging from the comments on here, there’s just not really a way to offer criticism of a Democratic ticket (which I’m voting for.) You just can’t do it or you personally want Trump to reign forever. Even if it’s not so much criticism as it is personal feelings surrounding something you are told is supposed to mean Read more

Yes. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone their excitement over Harris’s selection. I think representation genuinely matters and is important. Also, from a purely political standpoint, she’s a great pick. Read more

I don’t get how Jezebel shits all over Iggy Azalea for her blaccent and cultural appropriation but stands up and cheers for a Korean girl group doing the same thing, especially when you consider the racial tensions within the Asian community against the Black community. Read more

For the moment, I’m going to assume you’re not deliberately concern trolling. But regardless, you’re misconstruing what “believe women” actually means. “Believe Women” is not a blanket statement. It’s a shorthand that we use because the more accurate statement “afford a woman reporting an assault the same benefit of

This comment took an interesting left turn. From “Be wary of white women falsely accusing black men of crimes” to “Let’s not investigate a white woman accusing a white man of something that he has already been known due to do and of something for which she has some corroborating evidence even though a failure to Read more

It wasn’t wrestling fans who were attacking her. The incident began two days ago. She had a confrontation with a member of the house who shrunk her new wrestling outfit, the one made for her debut at wrestling kingdom. She scolded the guy, and the Japanese fans of the show began bombarding her with hate.

  They Read more

This is so sad. Hana was one of my favorite people on Terrace House. She was very sensitive and sometimes couldn’t hide how she was feeling. You could see it clearly on her face. Protecting yourself is something you learn with age and she was just so young. She had a contagious smile and a great spirit. She’s gone Read more