Dude definitely had a type*. Read more

I take it back. Honestly forgot what that film was about, lol. Read more

Flashback to that Justin Timberlake movie, In Time, where Olivia Wilde (age 27) played Timberlake’s (age 30) mom. I think she was supposed to play a 50-year-old, lol? Read more

He looks amazing for a man in his 50s. Read more

It’s a crime she isn’t bigger than she is in Kpop. Consistently puts out some of the best music in the scene and always has the most memorable looks, presence, aesthetics, etc. Read more

I stopped watching Conan a few years back and one of the last memories I had of it was a segment involving Kate Upton. She was in on the joke, but I recall Conan being pretty persistent with his creeper bit. Moreso than usual. It was like a 5 minute video and it felt like forever. Read more

Agreed. I can’t even take Cruise seriously when he had that weird video of him watching Tenet in a packed theater during the summer, practically endorsing everyone that it was okay to go again when it definitely wasn’t. Read more

Don’t really understand the logic of people here in the comments saying “newspaper is trash anyway so let’s never discuss anything in relation to it ever” when a woman’s livelihood is taken away from her over some misogynistic bullshit brought on by the writer of the article. That’s news, even if it’s 24/7 cycle news. Read more

Because “losing BTS would be an economic blow to the entire nation of South Korea,” apparently. The ENTIRE nation, lol. Read more

Miss the days when celebrities were more straight-forward with their answers and didn’t act like they were running for office at some point in the future. Maybe it’s always been like this. Read more

Nathan Drake was really just an amalgamation of what certain people found attractive in a white man back in the 2000s, half-tucked shirt and all. Just some dark-haired, conventionally attractive (but not interesting to look at) man who reminds people of actors in Joss Whedon shows. Read more

I like Blackpink and I’ll watch this, but popstar documentaries usually hit the same notes and feel like one big commercial. It’s only ever what the artists and agencies/record labels what people to see. I gave up halfway through the second BTS doc because by that point, they didn’t have anything else more to say that Read more

She’s not the only one. I think once traditional celebrities realized there’s ad revenue to gain with a YouTube presence, they might as well earn extra money and promote themselves in their free time instead of doing nothing in-between work. Read more

BTS made a pretty decent Maroon 5 song. Like it a lot better than the last couple of singles, just wish some of the lyrics weren’t so corny and the track had better vocal mixing. Read more

I don’t really care. I was being facetious.  Read more

That would’ve been my second (jokey) presumption: she forces her staff to do daily chores at her palatial estate. What a monster, if true. She must be stopped! Read more

Severely disappointed “inside job” doesn’t mean Portia de Rossi has been secretly stealing from Ellen for years. Read more

I like how we commit to the only action that matters—voting Democrat—but it’s still not good enough in some people eyes. It’s almost as if those people who irrationally complain about purity tests ironically demand others to do the same towards established Democrats, without knowing if the policies I personally think Read more

I’m always baffled about this concept of people getting upset about wanting more from candidates during a time when they are directly trying to appeal to voters. “Hold them accountable in January.” How? They got what they wanted, thus voters have no leverage. That’s not how any of it works. There’s a reason politicians Read more