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1:23 PM

The “regular” Skyactiv engines that have been around since 2012 are just high-compression engines. The Skyactiv-X is the compression ignition variant, which is not yet available to the public (slated to be an option in the Mazda3 later this year.)

2:01 PM

Here’s something interesting! The survey is scored differently in the US. For the US salespeople they use a 1-10 scale. The survey asks all the normal questions like “was the car available, did the test drive sway your decision, your likelihood to recommend the dealer and/or Mazda, overall experience, treated fairly, Read more

1:37 PM

It’s really amazing how much of this shit still flies. I worked at a Mazda dealer for 6.5 years. They are a relatively small dealer and they are independently owned rather than part of a group, so, my experiences there are definitely not the same as elsewhere. Read more

10:53 AM

The added square footage has already been put to good use!  I wish I could say I added a third car again, but, alas, no such luck!  But, even though we have a decent size house, storage space is at a huge premium, so, we have some breathing room now!

10:50 AM

No problem.  I think I did.  I had a number in mind that would work for me, and he got pretty close to it, so, I’m happy with the amount.  I’m sure I could’ve squeezed more out of it selling them individually, but, the thought of going through that whole thing AGAIN was daunting.  As for “profit”, since Shawn left me Read more

8:46 PM

I can certainly understand your mixed feelings as I had them too. But, he was fair with the price and not far away.  And with a baby girl in the house now, “free time” is a thing of the past!  My plan is to use a portion of the funds to help purchase supplies needed to help with video creation and things I can use to Read more

11:34 AM

Nice!! Next year then! So, just purely out of curiosity: Did you buy the car from this post or buy the car and then find the post??

4:47 PM

Also - I never did test the Super Live Surround Sound system!  Please tell me it sounds as glorious as it’s name!?