4/13/17 11:20AM

I actually think the 4G is literally bulletproof seeing as it’s an iron block LOL!

4/13/17 11:17AM

Have to agree. Aside from the color, this is a damn near perfect example that will only increase in value. Read more

4/13/17 11:11AM

Why is the 993 worth more than some used 991?

3/17/17 11:41AM

There’s no data to prove that the majority of poor people are without access to healthy food so when I hear unfounded claims that people in poverty simply don’t have the means or the time to prepare healthy food - I call bullshit. Read more

3/16/17 11:35AM

No one said it was easy (though in this country it sort of is), just that it was entirely possible, but due to culture (something that is rarely mentioned), we choose the unhealthier of food choices. Read more

3/15/17 5:16PM

Where are your figures to back up that people in poverty do not have the means or time to keep healthy diets?

3/15/17 5:09PM

Do I know what it’s like to be impoverished in a rural area? No. But I know what it’s like to be homeless in a sub-rural area. Read more

3/15/17 2:05PM

Yes it is. Oats, rice, and beans are dirt cheap, but people don’t want to eat that shit (The USDA confirms this). Read more

3/14/17 1:39PM

National defense is required by the Constitution - healthcare is not.

3/14/17 1:36PM

Doesn’t the author know that all planes can be easily shot down? They’re basically useless...

3/08/17 4:44PM

Jesus Christ - what the fuck did I just read?

3/07/17 10:55AM

The F1 isn’t a McLaren - it’s God incarnate.

3/07/17 10:51AM

Have to agree. It’s falling prey to the Mercedes styling syndrome of sameness.

3/01/17 3:30PM

It’s amazing what great parenting and a support structure can do.

3/01/17 3:25PM

lol yeah taken from “Will Haven”, a pretty cool band that I dug back in the day. For some reason, the name has stuck and makes for a good internet identity.

3/01/17 11:45AM

Yeah. I mean - I fucked off in school, got in trouble with the law on multiple occasions, and didn’t finish college, but studied an insane amount within my discipline, was given a chance by a company (led by old white guys), and ended up being pretty successful (all things considering). Read more

2/28/17 5:26PM

Remember when everyone predicted that Amazon would collapse because they ran a company for years without turning a profit?

2/24/17 2:48PM

Japan got nuked and developed more modern looking cars: