Mrs. Humansoup

But she dies. THAT’S the fun part. Read more

Only tangentially related but I will NEVER forgive Jezebel for introducing me to GSA (genetic sexual attraction) years ago when they did that story on the woman who fell in love with her dad. NEVER!!! Read more

One of the writers of the episode made it pretty clear it was the intent in an interview. Read more

This is what makes it a non-story. Julie isn’t treading untrod turf here. When unusually short Dudley Moore and unusually tall Susan Anton were a couple in the 80s, every comic in the English speaking world joked about it (usually directed at his height). Read more

Because she’s lived over here for, like, a million years. More years than she lived in England, as a matter of fact. All of her work was because of Hollywood once her film career started. She did films in England, she lived in America and, after the mid 70s or so, she only made films and mainly did TV shows in America. Read more

because no one wants to imagine Mary Poppins gaping at group sex? Read more

Julie Andrews knows all and has seen all; She is omnipotent.

Yeah I don't know what you're on about. My tits make me incapable of understanding government.  Read more

I’d read that ... daily, if not hourly.  Totally staff it with great, insightful, and experienced journalist.  Fuck, I’d even help drive traffic to that kinda site.  Read more

My girlfriend and I went as Brad and Claire for Halloween this year. We were yelled at for making out in the backyard at a house party, because they’re both married.  Read more

Thank you for this kick-ass rabbit hole - with GMG melting all around us, I really needed something like this today! :D Read more

I adore the B.A. Test Kitchen videos- it’s worth watching more than 1 chef or series just to get a look into the kitchen staff and their relationships, all of which are (mostly) wholesome, funny, and really supportive. Even if you don’t intend to re-create the actual recipes, it’s incredibly binge-able. And I’ve Read more

I spent the first eighteen years of my life living in a haunted house. It was built in the 1700s and was one of the original houses in the town I am from. In its long life it was, at varying times, a boarding house and a foster home for wayward boys. It was also situated in the middle of nowhere. Our nearest neighbor Read more

I’m lucky that I come from a city with history. And when I say “history”, I mean “so much history that the air groans with it”. And it’s often said that in Glasgow the ghosts of the past are rarely quiet or still. Read more

At my Mom’s house, there is this shed that her father built a long time ago. We never really used it growing up, and it’s gone to waste really. My Mom just keeps gardening stuff in there now, and the lawnmower.
My sister and I were staying there at Christmas, and one night I had this really weird dream about the shed. Read more

I got into a fight with my boyfriend one night. For some reason we left my apartment to go to his new place we were both moving into even though there wasn’t any furniture in it it. We argued more and boned on the floor and argued more and then decided we should go back to my place so we could sleep in a bed. We were Read more