Look at all his majesty. Those peasants in their thatched roof cottages don’t stand a chance.

If only there were, say, an 80-page document clearly setting forth the legal theories upon which the suit is premised. But I guess we’ll never really know. Read more

After just reading about this car, my pocket is mysteriously lighter by $1.85.  Read more

Or a shitty driver. Todd Bodine. Read more

Eddieee did not give affection!... Read more

Bumper, bumper, hmmm, bumper. I’m trying to recall what that is. I don’t think I have seen one on a car in a long time.
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A car that isn’t in a crash costs nothing to repair. Read more

...but she still made money off that work, which is about all you can ask for. Read more

You know what the proper solution is?


I hear they glide as softly as a cloud.

As someone who spent the better part of the early 90s with a horrendous heroin addiction (lost our family, friends, and spent couple years living on the LA streets until we got our lives together- thanks to the magic of a pregnant street cat who gave us 6 lives to live for), I am sending this young lady all my love Read more

“I have a bigger turning radius than a longbox F350" Read more

Agreed. Thats probably the dumbest advice ever. Ooop, someone MIGHT snoop so might as well shut it off and expose yourself willingly! Also, I have never, ever considered email encrypted or not “secure”. Nothing on the public internet should every be treated as secure. Always at least expect something, like this, to be Read more

Yeah, my takeaway was rather that we shouldn’t use HTML email, just plaintext, and the PGP will still work. This sounds more like Chicken Little than a responsible security organization. Read more

In PGP’s defense, they never claimed to be extremely good... Read more

We knew we weren’t going to be rich off teaching, but according to you, we should also have known that the paltry increases in pay would not have kept up with insurance and inflation for the last 20 years? We knew we weren’t going to be wealthy, but according to you, we should have known we would need an extra evening Read more

“Long the goldstandard for “huh -what happened?” was The Doris Day Show. In season 1, she was a widow with two kids in rural Mill Valley. Season 2 saw the rural cast ditched as she got a job in San Francisco and commuted, but we only saw her in the city. By Season 4 and 5, she was a sexy swingin’ single (and went Read more

Once you reach a certain age, pitching a tent gets harder and harder. Read more

These signs are a brilliant work of social commentary and the design is really powerful. Read more

It’s funny how compatible a match Fiat and Chrysler were for each other. Read more

“Let the hetero, cisgendered children come to me, for such is the kingdom of heaven.” Read more