linux users are like vegans, you don’t have to ask them if they use linux, they’ll tell you.
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Let’s be honest...society as a whole would benefit if Facebook was shut down completely. Read more

As someone who has taught history for almost 20 years in 3 states, I can tell you she’s a horrible teacher sight unseen. Your kids should never be able to figure out for whom you voted. Your job is to teach them to think critically and present them with primary sources so that they can draw their own conclusions and Read more

I blame the absence of fathers in the white community. Where is the personal responsibility??? Read more

Snow car outside in.

The leaf blower that I had would mulch the leaves in vacuum mode. I’m not sure if they make one that doesn’t. Read more

If he embedded a steel BB in the center of each foam ball, pickup would be easy with a large magnet. Read more

But I’m West Coast and used this function of the app.... Read more

Let’s not forget BMW’s achilles heel: Mileage Read more

If I was his neighbor, I would force-choke that noisy bastard to the great beyond. Read more

Quantity was not the feature that made those tattoos reprehensible. This is a bad take. Read more

You’re reading the remarks of a person intelligent enough to recognize when a situation is complex and morally unclear. He argues both sides of the coin and the overall scenario is put forward as complex, and uncertain - all of which is true. It was well handled in the hospital too - they had a dilemma, took the Read more

I’m pretty sure it was easy to decide on which side to err.

“The market can stay irrational longer than you can remain solvent” -John Maynard Keynes Read more

Deadpool would actually notice the change in licensing and distribution. Read more

Commentariat: “Duh! It’s so easy!” Read more