Dec 2 2016

While the content in most mainstream porn is quite frankly disgusting - that is not because of the idea of porn itself. Its because the porn industry is un unionized and porn itself is criticized for being sexual rather than receiving what should be normal media critique (on gender, race, violence, consent, treatment Read more

Nov 22 2016

I really want to know what he meant by that? Because I felt like it was not about the blind trust, conflict of interest things. I felt like it was a weird, they-think-we’re-too-close-for-a-father-and-daughter-and-need-to-have-some-separation..

Nov 18 2016

It’s cold as hell that you hope his kids die in the next two months.

Nov 14 2016

And I wish the media would stop calling it a blind trust. Putting your kids in charge is the very OPPOSITE of a blind trust and this is just another way they’re normalizing this situation. (Of course, none of them even knows what “blind trust”means . )

Nov 14 2016

Good. This family has never felt push back in their entire lives. Welcome to the real world, assholes.

Nov 11 2016

Cutting and pasting from a different comment, but I made the unholy mistake of calling home: I sat in front of the “Trump’s First Day” post and read about twenty anecdotes to my father who has consistently denied that Trump’s candidacy and now his election has validated white supremacy. He continued to tell me that Read more

Nov 5 2016

The last time I saw a fat flightless bird move that poorly another penguin was fucking his wife.