1. The immediate “wtf did I just do” panic after bringing home said pet is normal and does subside. Read more

That article says that mRNA can be used for gene therapy. For example, if someone wanted to change the genetic code of some cancer cells with mRNA they could use it to make those changes. However, the mRNA in the COVID vaccines isn’t being used that way. It’s being used to cause your cells to temporarily create COVID Read more

The US Taxpayer doesn’t gain anything by having the majority of the young workforce spend their twenties paying interest on student loans instead of buying goods and services with their higher than average salaries.  Read more

Yep, the airlines decided to spend all their money buying back stock instead of keeping it for the next disaster that hits their industry. But screw us for being responsible by using the deferred student loan money to pay our bills and be good little consumers. Read more

It’s not the American taxpayers responsibility to bail you out from a bad financial choice.”

How to say “I don’t understand the fundamentals of the US monetary system, but said with dumber words.” Read more

1) Most students are 16/17 when selecting colleges to apply to and request financial aid for. Read more

Do you have an actual concept of how many of these people have actually paid off the amount they borrowed and are now spending years just paying the interest that accrued? Do you know how many people were told when they signed up that if they worked in public service or education for 10 years after school, the Read more

because tricking children into high interest loans in the name of higher education isn’t the same as you buying a home or car as an adult with your rate determined by your credit score.  Read more

I totally agree, what a world. “Mute my mike will you? Not if I’m not there!”. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but there is no bar for this administration when it comes to grasping and abusing power. I am hoping some aide convinces him to try for a Zoom debate call and we get to see the administrator Read more

Never underestimate being too evil to die. Old assholes seem to hang on longer than you’d think. Their final act of asshattery. Read more

Watching the comments on her different social media feeds is like watching the progressive version of Trump supporters. Big tents and all but seriously, the lack of decorum from the “Bernie Bros” is fucking tragic. Read more

I wish it weren’t Biden, either. But I think the hope over fear binary is a bit silly. Anybody who looks at the remaining list of candidates and isn’t a little bit afraid about any of them being the nominee is being blinded by something, and I’m not sure it’s hope. Read more

3.7 MILLION votes.  That’s how many he lost by in the primary.  Those aren’t caucuses, those aren’t superdelegates.  Those are actual voters, speaking with their voice saying they wanted Hillary and not Bernie.  Deal with it. Read more

Oh, damn it!  I fell for the tomato troll again! Read more

You’re not taking the high road, dear. Read more

So you denigrate the democratic candidate for the presidency in 2016, articulate a crackpot conspiracy theory worthy of a Trumpanzee, and then demand objectivity? LOL.  Oh honey, look in the mirror. Read more

I will always support and vote for the democratic candidate who wins the primary. Read more

To all of those still trying to be right about the 2016 election: S T O P Read more

HE LOST BY 3 MILLION VOTES you absolute fucking moron. The DNC didn’t cast those votes, Democrats did. I will vote for him if he wins the nomination but you don’t get to remake reality. Read more

I won’t vote for someone who won’t show his tax returns. I won’t vote for someone who hires Tad Devine to run his campaign. I won’t vote for someone who votes repeatedly to protect Russian oligarchs from accountability.  Read more