neal whitehouse piper
Mar 29 2016

You can use Snapseed and move the lens blur center off to a corner. This will allow you to blur out the entire picture.

Jan 26 2016

The cards themselves do not add a geotag. No GPS receiver in them.

However, if you are using the EyeFi App on your Android device, and you have it configured to automatically receive pictures as you are taking them then the App can add a geotag using your phone’s GPS receiver.
I found when using a very old phone Read more

Oct 27 2015

Alternatively, for those who dont want to go the PC route in favor of their android mobile devices, here are Instructions for Android owners who want to play this game, who aren’t in the JPN area. I posted this on toshi’s fate/grand order post awhile back, but this works for all games supported by qooapp.

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Jan 21 2015

Watch this - if you have never seen voice actors at work, it is absolutely fascinating. I could watch this stuff all day long. Matt Groening is excellent also. As a side note, the actress who does Marge is apparently very private and doesn't do the voice in public? on video? Not quite sure how it works, but that's why

Jan 21 2014

The picture of Beijing from the Daily Mail could have been dismissed as fake straight away, based on the fact that it was on the Daily Mail.

Jan 3 2014

No. It'd be great if Google just made this work.

Oct 3 2013

I've been doing this for two or three years now on my Android, since my old Xperia X8.

Jul 16 2013

Agree that Irfanview should have been included, but should not replace Picasa as I think the two apps serve a different purpose. Read more