neal whitehouse piper
Feb 14 2017

I have this bag as it fits my surface pro 4 as well as my dslr, problem is it has plastic buckles that hold the removable strap onto the bag, they squeak with any weight in the bag. Very annoying, only Lowepro that seems to do so. Anyone else had an issue with this?

Jan 25 2016

Does an app that adds a gps tag to the photos from the card exist for android or ios, not a gps logger but one that allows you to add where you were when the picture got transferred?

Oct 21 2015

My pavement wallpaper, taken on October 6, 2015 shot on note 4 not going to piss about with email etc.

Jul 27 2015

PRO since November 2005 and they still manage to piss me off, looking forward to a day when they just give us what we want not what they think we want.

Mar 22 2015

Still got that mount even though I have replaced the vehicle (with same model) and changed over to a note 4, I went from a htc to an apple to an samsung then another samsung the original dash clip is the only original.

Mar 16 2015

More people than you might think would benefit from this service, the cost of a subscription most likely is the factor slowing the growth of audiobooks, unless you have access to a good library (online or physical) and can make the most of them. If you are in the UK most public libraries have the downloads available Read more

Mar 7 2015

This - 'By that I assume that you want a service in which you pay a flat monthly fee and can listen to as many audiobooks you want for as long as you're paying?' Read more

Mar 2 2015

+1 for that app, I use it every day and paid for it (the full features and hands on response from the developer are great), it is the best android audiobook player out and I have used a lot!

Sep 19 2014

Unlikely that they will sell anyone a .buy address it would dilute the brand. Pay $4.5 mil to have an exclusive inexhaustible domain. That makes sense.

Sep 15 2014

The phone would have to have enough processing power to cope with the RAW option as well as managing a phone at the same time so a hi-spec processor and at least 2gb ram should work fine with stock android. Spec from elsewhere '2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 with 2GB RAM and Android 4.4. 16GB of internal storage"