Sep 23

For all the people saying that elections don’t matter and why should I vote, Exhibit A: Daniel Cameron. He was elected to his position. I am certain some black folks voted for his ass thinking he was one of them. Uh no. He is one of the ones Harriet would’ve shot. He suffers from “We Sick Boss” disease and is living Read more

Sep 20

Wow, “RuPaul wins an Emmy” becomes “Joe Biden is no better that Donald Trump.” That is some peak Jezebel right there. Read more

Sep 20

Yes, thank you for the daily dose of angsty teen snark, Jezebel. Following in The Intercept’s footsteps, I see! Then again, all the pettiness in the world won’t bring back y’all’s favorite nutty professor.

Sincerest apologies for White Vermont Jesus being unable to cobble together a competent campaign for the win Read more

Sep 19

I mean the comments under here are downright laughable. Anyone blaming the “dems” and “Chuck And Nancy” are clueless. Maybe if you so called “woke” and “Progressive” folks had voted in 2010 & 2014 we wouldn’t be here. Maybe if you “burn it to the ground” folks hadn’t pissed away your vote in 2016 by going third party Read more

Sep 19

What McConnell did in 2016 was to deliver something he knew the people who put Republicans would want him to deliver. What he is doing now is delivering something he knows the people who put Republicans would want him to deliver. Yeah, he made up a bullshit rule in 2016 to justify his actions, and he is violating that Read more

Sep 18

No way.  She was better than anyone we would’ve gotten through even then.

Sep 8

Why is this news in the U.S. Don't we already have enough vainglourious twatwaffles running around?

Sep 8

That has absolutely nothing to do with what I said, but yes, people will die because of this outbreak.

Sep 8

Are you under the impression that it's just as easy to move neighbourhoods as it is to cancel a cosplay event?

Aug 24

The point of Caleb is that you don’t have to be outwardly racist (and even back then a lot of white people weren’t) to benefit from a racist system. The racism the Baptistes and Freeman experience allows Caleb’s plans to succeed, even if he’s “nicer” to them. Read more

Aug 18

Only for someone whose entire frame of historical reference for a dress style popular from the mid-1930s to the late 1950s is a movie musical made in the mid 60s.