Sep 16

—-“We’d done a lot of soul searching. The one thing I think we did right is we owned all the mistakes,” Weiss says in the excerpt.—-

Where the fuck was this kind of introspection in Season 8!? #stillsalty

Aug 18

You know you can say someone looked awesome in a dress without calling everyone else who wears it a Nazi, right?

Jesus Christ, that’s a bad take.

Jun 16

My condolences go out to Rep. Omar and her family. Losing a parent is hard, losing a parent to a pandemic the current President *let* happen is harder, losing a parent, namely a father, to a pandemic the current President let happen, and to have it happen right before Father’s Day is the worst. My heart goes out to Read more

Jun 15

I would never have guessed in a million years that, in terms of the culture wars, liberals would get Nascar and conservatives Harry Potter.

2020, man.

Jun 13

“The Magicians” already covered this in their last season, and as batshit as Emmerich’s movies tend to be, it’s gonna be hard to beat the magic whales, Kraken, and time loop madness that their take offered up.

Jun 6

Goddamn. Please tell me her daughter is safe, and somewhere far, far away from this woman.

May 31

Yup, just ask my extended family. The cousin I have, who spent 30+ years in prison for abusing the mentally challenged daughter of the woman he was dating, (and whose crimes only came to light when his girlfriend walked in on it)? “You look so good!” “Glad to see you’re doing better!” He’s Christian,so it’s cool.

But Read more

May 25

He’s 53 for crissakes, he’s had access to computers since his 30's. He’s either such an idiot that technology that’s been around for two decades is a challenge for him, or he’s a lying jackass.

May 24

So, according to you: maligning someone for being a Nazi = hating anyone who does anything, ever

Good to know which direction your moral compass points to.

May 24

Reifenstahl was a Nazi, she used concentration camp prisoners as extras in one of her films. You don’t get to do that and still claim any kind of moral cleanliness.

My family is German AF too, and I can still see this. Pflicht getan, my ass.

May 21

This. Krasinski has shown on multiple occasions that he’s protected by privilege and gives zero shit about the damage the Right is doing to America. He just wants to make more money- and if that means stoking the hard-on the American Right has for glorified war/military propaganda, then so be it. I honestly don’t Read more

May 21

Ironically, this is when I was born (36 in July.) Mother Dearest just CANNOT understand why I have strongly ambivalent feelings about bringing a babe into this fucked up world.

May 20

I will forever be bitter about this- I loved GOT, partly for the actual entertainment, but also for the watch parties it provided. I made Ned Stark-head-on-a-pike cake pops for one, and since my wedding took place on a Sunday, went and watched the latest episode in our finery after the guests left. (I vetoed the

May 19

Oh my sweet summer child, you are in for it. In my opinion, Season 6 was the last decent one. I often tell myself that the story ends with that season finale, lol. Please come back when you finish it and let us know what you think!

May 16

Of course the first comment on an article defending one woman who married into the Royal Family has to be a negative take comparing her to another woman who did the same thing. Can’t say something nice about one without being shitty about another!

It is possible to lift someone up without tearing someone else down. Read more

May 12

Lol, with my love of everything Hollywood gossip, I cannot believe I haven’t heard about the Ellen rep before. I can totally buy it, she reminds me of a ton of people I work with who are suuuuper into “positivity culture”, but don’t mind shitting all over anyone they view as lesser or an inconvenience. Plus, you know, Read more

May 11

Man, I could almost believe Tatiana’s story: that Villanelle was such a clear psychopath, even as a child, that Tatiana was forced to abandon her in an orphanage to better protect the other family members. It makes sense given who Villanelle is, and of course a mother would cry herself to sleep wondering if she did Read more

May 10

Summary of Shakespeare: everyone dies!
Summary of Outlander: everyone gets raped!

At this point, the Frasers could have a family dinner bonding over their shared experience of rape. I’m with the reviewer- it’s over the top, redundant, and shitty entertainment.

Apr 9

I cannot recommend “New York: 2140" enough. It’s tough to get into- it starts out by introducing an entire cast of characters who don’t really intersect until later in the book; and since the book is more plot driven, that means meandering through the cast until things start to pick up. But once they do! So good! It’s Read more