11/23/20 2:49PM

70 million people voted for Drumpfolini. Half of them believe that election fraud bullshit and a growing number claims Covid is a hoax. So even if all of those idiots flying and getting together over the holidays are Republican dickheads, that makes for only a fraction of all those dickheads that roam the land. Read more

11/23/20 12:51PM

You don’t seem to understand the nature of the pandemic, or the concept of ‘concern for others’. You say you care - but then in the next damn paragraph you talk about the fact that this has “EVERYTHING to do with choosing YOUR OWN risk acceptance”.

11/23/20 12:32PM

Yep! That’s how pandemics work alright. I did something without getting sick or spreading the virus (how would you know) - so obviously everyone can! Read more

11/19/20 6:15PM

This wasn’t a review, and the shit that Reagan did during his administration was abominable, and that’s just how he dealt with the AIDS crisis alone. Beyond that, his bass-ackwards economic polices, proven not to work and since been deemed a failure by the fucking architect of the policy are still somehow considered Read more

11/19/20 4:00PM

I’m not interested in a “civil discussion” with an anti-mask dipshit like you. Your lies are actively killing people, so you’re either dangerously stupid or dangerously evil.

11/13/20 4:17PM

God I hate leaf blowers. They are so annoying and everybody just lazily blows the leaves into the street where half just get blown back by cars, and the other half clog the drains.

11/09/20 6:22PM

She is in a high-risk group.

Congrats on being a prick though, I am sure you feel like a big strong man now.

Also, you’re not even using hypochondriac correctly, you absolute muppet.

10/13/20 3:11PM

If you think about it gold is only valuable for the same reasons as cash. You can’t eat it, drink it, use it as a weapon or use it to build or fix anything. It's only valuable in a stable society where people can spend resources on adornment.  Read more

9/25/20 11:27AM

How could they future proof their equipment? Make a small, easily swappable communications module separate from the rest of the system, you know something the size of a CELL PHONE. That’s the problem with this type of technonogy being embedded into cars, the lifespan of a durable good (the car) far exceeds that of Read more

9/21/20 1:28PM

That’s a bit of a pointless statement. Without bothering to fact check the numbers, I’ll just point out that it is much easier for Europeans to move to the US than for Americans to move there, due to EU zone rules on hiring.

9/21/20 11:00AM

Except they made the mistake of investing in a company who’s business model was never going to work. Sure, you can’t blame them for trying to get them to invest money into developing self-driving cars, but you can shame them for investing in the first place. They are still idiots. Read more

9/16/20 12:26PM

Wow you’re doubling down on this huh? FYI virtually every statistician in the world would disagree with you. Read more

9/14/20 6:57PM

I feel like that last line of his article - where he references buying another vehicle across the country, and this vehicle requiring not only space for itself - but also a donor car is telling us that the battle is either far from over... or has been lost.

9/14/20 4:44PM

Really? You won’t get out of your car int he middle of nowhere because it’s scary? REALLY? Are you afraid of the boogie man? Chupacabra? Slim Man?? Read more

9/14/20 4:29PM

Creepy? WTF? Middle of bumfuck nowhere in the midwest is serene. What the hell are you scared of? Crickets? There aren’t dangerous wild animals. Most ominous thing you be confronted with is a friendly farmer willing to help you fix your car on the spot. Beyond that, the guy was less than 1000 ft away from a hotel, a Read more

9/11/20 4:43PM

A tipping article, on a Friday?  You’re just trying to start some shit.