You can’t outrun the radio, so blast through traffic at 150 mph for no better reason than catching a thief?

So I’ve heard people for years tell me to go fuck myself and then when I get a chance it’s philosophical quandary?

So, is there some point in time where Ricky and Morty is funny again?

Dive deeply, learn the hard way. Do your work.


A thousand bows in your direction for referencing Lifehouse!

There’s fewer (NOTE: I had the word “less” here and was corrected by multiple emails so look, I get it but I still say usage dictates grammar) components that could be damaged, but what is there is very exposed.
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“I stayed in the water for probably about, I had a watch on, I looked at it, for probably about 2.5 to 3 hours. I thought I was going to die, but God saved me,” Read more

The original was a really rubbish book. I don’t how anyone thought this was good science fiction.

A suborbital flight system that can’t scale to orbital.  Some advance.

I believe it is spelled schmuture, but otherwise, you are correct.

LA is a vast fucking industrial park.

Inglorious Basterds was full-out fucking stupid. What waste of time.

Don’t be silly! Caribou.

Don’t be silly!  Caribou.

Because it’s basically one-third of North America? One of the most prosperous countries on the planet (10th in GDP)?