Skippy the McWaffle
Sep 15

Yeah. I have often used this when referencing Bernie

Sep 14

Nice, Lewis! You are the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time so use that position for change. If people don’t like that, they can go fuck their conservative, racist, twinkerbelle asses. Tough shit, eh, republicans?

Sep 14

You are right no car needs a V8, they need a V12

Sep 14

There may be a multi-billionaire or two out there that want a vanity project, there may be. Read more

Sep 14

They make a Ranger Raptor, you Americans just won’t get to have it. SUCKERS!!!

Sep 13

In other words, there will never, ever be a new F1 team, and the value of all existing F1 teams just vaulted.

Sep 11

You want to defend Trump and his supporters, go right ahead.

Sep 11

Thank you for the words of encouragement - I actually have a huge interest in Outbacks - I really have an unexplainable liking to them - and I nearly bought one a year ago used (2007ish?) but the dealer was super shady and the car had some questionable damage the dealer was trying to hide.

Sep 10

Dude, my dude. I was you, just a few years ago. Living with my parents, dealing with a mental health crisis, trying to rebuild my life and myself. I am doing much better now, I was fortunate to start out with a car that has been a steadfast companion and which still to this day is all the car I really need. m Read more

Sep 8

Well, that didn’t take long.

Aug 20

Nope. They’ll half ass it with a standard Vette motor and call it an SS.

Aug 18

Yup.... eeeevvvviiiilllle California.... how evil of them to basically more or less invent modern social media, the computer processor, integrated circuitry and the other stuff that you are now using on this site. Terrible California for single highhandedly inventing movies and modern forms of entertainment and shows Read more

Aug 18

Neutral: He will complain about it on Twitter, maybe sign an EO that affectively does nothing, then brag about doing something. Then something something jobs, employment, us manufacturing, liberals destroying america, etc.

Aug 17

Well, it has a 0-100kmh(62mph) of 17 seconds, so you won’t often be going fast enough to experience the death wobble.

Aug 17

I am finding it hard to believe that this isn’t a Torch post.

Aug 11

That’s a great plan, with a nice potential for awesome stories after the road trip (also called “problems” or “catastrophes” at the moment you are living them).

Aug 10

They could merge it into Cadillac pretty easily under the new naming scheme; just call it “Buiq.”