7/05/16 3:55PM

Shepherd Book’s life would be epic! They dropped enough hints about his early life to make it obvious that his story must have been fascinating.

6/09/16 4:27PM

Dear me. Someone pointed out some people get whiny about pointing out privilege exists, and you took it to mean they were attempting to justify a screaming assault on your person. Read more

6/07/16 5:11PM

I shouldn’t be laughing but the “thank you for your time” made me think of a guy handing out pamphlets “Why I Might Be A Good Fuck - FOR YOU!!” “Here’s my literature, and if you find you’d like to fuck, please contact me.”

6/07/16 5:08PM

Rape is about power, not sex. People who commit rape generally aren’t interested in fucking the willing because it doesn’t give them what they want.

6/07/16 4:40PM

Statistically speaking, it probably does happen more but goes unreported. Given the personalities and power dynamics involved, that’s almost certain to be the case.

5/31/16 12:33PM

Go to work and school and jokingly tell everyone that “you’re going to kill them and their family” and see how many people care about intent or credibility. You can’t do this in your day to day life but apparently a keyboard means you’re just joking.

5/31/16 12:15PM

Every single threat should be taken seriously. When you don’t take them all seriously; the one that is serious slips through.

5/11/16 2:15PM

Give me a quote and citation where she “threatened” anyone. She basically said, some people are going to have things to answer for when these allegations are looked into. And in context, it seems like she wasn’t even referring to the accusers, but more the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ that in light of the Starr Read more

5/11/16 2:02PM

Because in our nice little patriarchal society, women are expected to regulate male behavior by nobly revoking men's 'access' to them (whether that access is through a sexual/marital/romantic relationship, a family relationship like associating with a brother, or a business relationship like being coworkers or an Read more

3/18/16 12:53PM

Sigh. Everyone who knows me on io9 knows I volunteer as much time as possible to shark conservation and diving/tagging. But I also work predominantly in horror and love my genre and watch every ridiculous B-shark movie I can. But at least in super B-movies the sharks are more like sea creature monsters, not actual Read more

3/11/16 4:50PM

Nope. Former actress here, so I’ve read plenty of breakdowns. The breakdowns for men and women are markedly different. Throw race into the mix and you get into the real bullshit. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that men’s characters aren’t as defined by how fuckable they are, and are described in a much more complex Read more

3/08/16 2:10AM

LOL, sure, let’s call every single police jurisdiction IN THE WORLD, see if they can pull the confidential police reports (complaints only, since, as noted below, police and DAs frequently blow off rape complaints unless there is an unreasonable amount of physical evidence) and correlate them with the undated four Read more

2/06/16 8:34PM

Thank you for handling that. I absolutely couldn’t deal with getting some screed from that doood about how men are socially awkward but women never have that problem. Read more

12/30/15 5:07PM

Hey if you women have a nipple out then men are allowed to grab it kind of like if you’re just showing your wallet off—I mean Read more