8/19/16 2:12PM

Ha! He wouldn’t last a day here. Gawker is safe for misogyny because there’s a lot of brogressives there. Here, not so much.

8/10/16 1:22PM

My 90's girl heart still kind of loves the Lilia Podkopayeva crushed velvet leo from the '96 Olympics.

8/04/16 8:49PM

Okay, this is going to be so late and far down in the greys that no one will see it, but I can't help myself. Why would you say Aly Raisman will have trouble making the floor final? She has the 2nd best score in 2016 and will likely win silver. The 2015 silver and bronze medalists Ksenia Afanaseva and Maggie Nichols Read more

7/27/16 5:37PM

Exactly. And I say fuck that to them trying to call themselves feminists too. You don’t believe in a woman’s right to bodily autonomy? You’re not a feminist.

7/21/16 7:00PM

Being Jewish she's probably in more danger from some of Trump's Nazi fanbase than she is from any black person.

7/21/16 6:58PM

Just some more hypocritical bullshit from a member of the party of personal responsibility!

7/21/16 8:57AM

Oops. I know better than that! In my defense, I’ve been sick all week and not at my best.

7/20/16 6:26PM

I like the American version, but I thought the original scene was scarier. In The Ring, they use CGI to make Samara sort of teleport closer. In Ringu, Sadako just slowly creeps and she keeps coming and it’s just agonizing. I’m wondering if this list is purposely excluding foreign movies? Because Audition is the only Read more

7/20/16 2:54PM

Speaking of Steven King, Firestarter was definitely a big influence on the show too. People seem to have forgotten that movie for some reason, but it's from that same era.

7/20/16 2:51PM

It seems that way to me too. The child actors in Game of Thrones have always been great. Although the Stark kids aren't children anymore, they found another brilliant child actor with Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont. Kiernan Shipka was fantastic in Mad Men too. I wonder if it's that the roles are a little more serious Read more

7/14/16 1:47PM

Yeah, that’s some bullshit. And Bill Maher, who has become insufferable the past few years got a nom but Samantha Bee didn’t. Awards shows suck.

7/08/16 5:29PM

Seriously. It’s always the smuggest assholes who think they’re the most logical people on the planet who are completely ignorant about how the human brain works - how it reacts to trauma. Hooray for Dunning Kruger!

7/06/16 7:24PM

My family and I used to watch it even back when it was still a local Minnesota thing. It was one of the few things all four of us liked. I'm scared the new one just won't feel the same. I'll still watch it though!

7/05/16 3:52PM

I was thinking it would be fun to get a spin off prequel showing us more about the creation of the Revears. Or one about Shepherd Book as a young man. But this works too.

7/05/16 3:49PM

Silly proletariat! Didn’t you know that the rule of law ddoesn’t apply to rich white Republicans?

6/15/16 7:25PM

I was talking about the tendency of MRA types to be outraged about age of consent laws and using half-baked evo psych stories to justify statutory rape. By teenager, I meant 14 or 15 year olds.

6/15/16 5:26PM

Women are girls when the situation calls for being condescending to us, but when sexist men want to creep on teenage girls, they’re happy to argue that they’re women.