May 18

I didn’t buy that bullshit line the first time. Ben Sasse is fucking awful. I hope this November is the last time I see his name on a ballot.

Apr 22

No lie, I had TWO of those sandwiches on Sunday night. With fried eggs. DELISH.

Mar 20

Today I’m watching my first Gov. Cuomo press conference/update because of this article. Glad I have access to CBSN Boston here in Nebraska. That said, I am crushing on him hard right now. Get it, booboo. 

Mar 18

Hang in there! I know I may sound like an old right now, but I just started utilizing video chats this week and it has been really nice to see friends and family that way! We canceled our in-person dinner plans with our friends the other day, but we still ate dinner together over Google Hangouts. I know it sounds Read more

Mar 5

This Elizabeth Warren supporter is a proud dog owner and I have a strict, no-human food for doggos policy. So, much like almost every other policy proposal she’s laid out thus far, I continue to stand behind her 100%. Read more

Feb 5

See, the trick with the midwest pork tenderloin is to order it with two buns and two sets of toppings, that way you have two sandwiches.

Dec 18

Pretty close to his district, but Des Moines is a bit further south and is represented by Cindy Axne.

Oct 17 2019

Ahem! It is Melanie Griffith, not Meg Ryan. ;) (I say that only as an adoring fan of Melanie Griffith’s performance in Working Girl, one of my all time favorite movies.)