Friday 10:38AM

Reply that tells you you’re an idiot without actually saying it, and at the same time spouts off information as fact that is really just my unfounded opinion.

Friday 10:35AM

Comment reply that disagrees with the original comment due to a misreading of a clause in the original comment, but angrily so.

Friday 10:34AM

Comment that contradicts author’s post but in a passive-aggressive way to seem edgy, but really I’m just fishing for upvotes and hoping people will respond so I can call them out and spit vitriol at them.

Thursday 2:02PM

I see none of you have encountered the great Craft Beer Snob

6/09/21 5:28PM

Josta was good and deserves a comeback. Alternately, Surge was boring and does not deserve a comeback.

6/09/21 7:19AM

syrup makes better coca than powder anyway, at least in my humble opinion, but to get the milk steamed with the syrup in the machine is worth the price of admission that folds the chocolate so much better than a spoon!

6/08/21 11:54AM

What do people think hot chocolate is? Milk and chocolate syrup is literally the recipe for hot chocolate. 

6/06/21 7:14PM

“The guy thought there was boat in the fog, but there’s no boat? What a ripoff. Worst movie ever. I’m turning this off.”

6/02/21 3:34PM

I’d rather Death look like she did in the comics, but meh. That’s life.
Desire, on the other hand, was non-binary before anyone was using the word non-binary.  It’s kind of a character trait.

5/26/21 5:46PM

Whatever you do, don’t complain about the bugs in-game. Everyone will immediately jump down your throat about it being an alpha test and that you shouldn’t complain because the game isn’t done yet. Read more

5/19/21 10:19PM

On Homicide— it is nuts but I wonder how much that has to do with music rights. The show used a shit-ton of songs and whatever licensing they got surely didn’t cover streaming (since it didn’t exist yet). It’s probably equally as much a headache to replace all the music with generic stuff as it would be to re-license Read more

5/19/21 9:59PM

I was lucky enough to snag the DVD box set of Homicide before it became impossible to find for a reasonable price...would love to see it remastered in HD and streaming though. Absolutely one of the beset shows of the 90's

5/19/21 7:24PM

I’d just like to note that the “David does fun weekend car stuff and writes about it” series is pretty darn OK.

5/19/21 6:32PM

Man great to see Jamie Hector, Marlo Stanfield is one of TV’s best villains ever and I think he deserves more of a career (which honestly applies to like almost everyone on The Wire).

5/18/21 12:58PM

It is an honor to fall on this schmaltz-covered sword for the benefit of the greater good.  

5/11/21 11:22AM

Shannon “writes” this blog.