Tuesday 1:53PM

That one blew me away. Maybe we're supposed to feel ripped off because it isn't cocoa powder? I enjoy hot chocolates from coffee shops on a brisk day, their ability to heat the milk to a T is a nice luxury.

5/19/21 6:33PM

Yeah, that’s a straight 3/3 hitrate on the casting there. Nice to see Hector get a chance to go deep again in a part after some enjoyable but breezy seasons on Bosch (though I did like parts of the storyline working in his Haitian heritage). Read more

5/15/21 1:45PM

Grew up in a small Wisconsin country town. Every June, in celebration of dairy month (WI!), the local farmer co-op would install a milk vending machine for their customers to fill a free dixie cup of chocolate or 2%. It looked like one of those dispensers you’d spot at a 50's style diner and kept the milk barely above Read more

4/09/21 2:35PM

This is like all the AEW smarks getting mad at me for missing references by not knowing every little detail from a weekly year-old BTE episode. Yes those animated movies exist but they are a tiny portion of what people have seen or can ably reference. 

4/09/21 2:29PM

You just parroted one of the rights most frequent voter disenfranchisement talking points. Well done.

4/06/21 1:55PM

I liked Fisher’s character and the arc in it 5000% more than the theater version, but it still isn’t anything I would have wanted to see a follow-up movie or series about. But it’s not hard to imagine a Disney+ style miniseries starring this Cyborg getting the green light if all the other crap hadn’t occurred.

4/04/21 11:42AM

Jeez, I was really let down by St. Vincent, especially so on her first piece. Theater was great. But if you’re a guitar god, be that god! Hope that’s not a trend for the rest of her new work. Reminds me of SK shrugging off the driving power of a certain world-class drummer..

4/04/21 11:35AM

That monologue was one of the most enjoyable and memorable ones in recent years for the sheer charisma that he brought to it. I wish the cast and writers had been able to rise up to meet his energy, could have been a great show.

3/29/21 7:20PM

Definitely hard to find with national brands. Skinny Pop (hate that name) used to have a pretty good one with just black peppercorn, but as they expanded they added salt to appease the masses. Keep an eye out for Tostitos Lightly Salted, that’s got a very low salt level compared to the general stuff out there. I’d Read more

3/24/21 12:02PM

On the contrary, the fact that Rogan and David Foley are still strong friends despite being wildly different people gives me some little hope.

3/09/21 4:57PM

Noted Sports Blog Defector! And the link! Someone batten down the hatches, emails are gonna come fast and furious from herbquarters. Good luck!

3/09/21 4:48PM

Noted Sports Blog DefectorAnd the link! Someone batten down the hatches, emails are gonna come fast and furious from herbquarters. Good luck! 

2/28/21 11:57AM

Kenan in the butler’s getup made me want to see him as Cogsworth in a Beauty and the Beast sketch.

2/27/21 12:47PM

Fuuuuuck. This is the most disappointing news from a TV show that I have been smacked with since Ted married Aunt Robin.

2/26/21 3:12PM

Tried a few of these to good success from your individual posts, it's nice to have them all in one place.

2/21/21 11:36AM

I loved that. Kept looking in the corners as the song wound down to see if Mike Day or Aidy were about to make a play on it. Dennis nailed it too; it’s a dumb title, but you may as well flaunt it if you got it.