wbizarre - OEM fetishist
6:30 AM

That actually doesn’t look much taller. The new trucks do extend lower to the ground for aero reasons, which gives the appearance of a taller face.

6:29 PM

I said they ended with no racing presence. The older rally Celicas are well-known and appreciated. Actually, since Toyota is working with Subaru anyways, it’d be cool to revive the Celica nameplate as a 4wd coupe.

4:45 PM

The Wrangler doesn’t look angry out of the box either. That’s where the aftermarket steps in, letting angsty bros express themselves to whatever degree they desire. I can already imagine the ebay search results for “honda e angry grille”.

1:14 PM

Man, once the 370z is gone for a few years, people will lust after those late model year cars. It’ll be a recent car that feels old school. All the things that make the Z seem dated now will make it timeless in the future. No infotainment? Good! No turbos? Great! Manual trans? Freaking fantastic!

7:19 PM

The 86 was less outsourced, right? Didn’t Subaru only take care of the engine, and Toyota did the rest? But I get what you’re saying. I also don’t really buy the “we couldn’t do it alone” argument from Toyota. The clearest counter-example for me is the Alpine 110. Here’s another Cayman-rivaling revival of a historic Read more

5:50 PM

I’m no Celica aficionado, but I don’t think the Celica would be subject to controversy as the Supra was. The 2jz was a big reason for the Supra’s legendary status, but as far as I know the Celica’s engines are not “sacred”. Celicas never loomed large in pop culture, and rwd Celicas have been gone for a long time. The Read more

10:26 PM

Got a nice ring to it, kinda like those trademarked transmissions i e.Torqueflite”. “Now available with the smooth power of the Astro-Glide automatic Transmission”