Aug 5 2018

What are you talking about? Talking about spooge has been an AV Club staple since time immemorial. Read more

Aug 5 2018

I agree. It’s smart, it’s beautifully shot, the soundtrack is great, and it really explores what television can do. I’ve probably watched the opening scene of the Season 2 finale two dozen times, it’s so haunting and beautiful. Read more

Aug 5 2018

Well Patrick Stewart is returning to Trek.... why not the X-Universe too :)

Aug 5 2018

I think it would be refreshing for a powered character in mainstream media with issues around their perception of reality ,and suffering mental distress from childhood trauma, to be the “good guy” for once. Read more

Aug 5 2018

The Donahue audience members are commenting here too

Aug 4 2018

This has consistently been one of the smartest shows on television. The amount of misdirection has been impressive, I’ll admit I fell for Hawley’s tricks a couple of times.

Aug 2 2018

Nah, man. I think it’s important that we get to see and hear what’s going on at those things. I know im in the minority here, but i find that cnn is actually the least irritating and less whiny and fantastical of the mainstream news channel and not, in fact, “fake news”. Ridiculous at times. Unbelievably stupid at Read more

Aug 2 2018

I genuinely hope the response from CNN and Acosta in particular is utter silence. I’m sure I won’t get my wish, but... the high road isn’t traveled nearly often enough these days, and I’d really like for them to at most brush it off and not give Hannity the attention he’s clawing for here.

Jul 23 2018

Have these guys not even heard of open-source research?

Jul 23 2018

If you want to speak directly to Donny Two Scoops, going on Fox is the best way.

Jul 23 2018

My working theory is that Fox News doesn’t actually have any behind-the-camera people. This is what happens when the talent is also the person in charge of booking, and it’s not the first time they have had bizarre mix-ups that can only be explained by not having people whose job it is to make sure things go smoothly.

Jul 22 2018

Anyone else think Lindsay Lohan’s “chain” of disco clubs is just a money laundering front for her Emirati benefactors?

Jul 21 2018

First off, and while math was never my strongest suit, I count two engineering degrees, a law degree and a masters in philosophy (for which I’m assuming she was pursuing her PhD.) Twenty years of schooling and she never took a class in self-awareness. And “applying game theory and cognitive science to the

Jul 20 2018

That’s what Russia has on him. He used his access to young models to style himself as a high-end pimp for pedophiles. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has ties to the Hollywood sex ring that abused the Corey’s. The pee tape was a Russian blackmail video because the girls in it were minors and they threaten to release it Read more

Nov 23 2016

You’re got far more strength than I do, for doing what you’re doing.