Josh Welton

Fun game if you’re ever in a Continuous Improvement presentation: Read more

You do W. Edwards Deming a disfavor by leaving him out of this conversation.

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MLB deleted the tweet when thousands of angry fans wrote in to tell them that Spider-Man is not Japanese. Read more

It's funny because the average American can’t tell teams from the AL West apart. Read more

Barstool Radio, a show enjoyed exclusively by Deloitte interns who wish they were still in college” Read more

While that is true, infrastructure spending is a problem statewide, not just in Wayne county or within the city of Detroit. Read more

Damn, dropping those inticing hints! Hope you get some justice. Read more

Let me know where you are writing now and I’ll boost your clicks Read more

Paging browndogwelding: You called this.

Baseball: a sport where a serious man gets upset at his opponent for not helping one of his own guys play better. Read more

“Iron Fist is more than a little frustrating, what with being a Very Special White Man Hero With Super Hands with no interesting character traits outside of that role” Read more

I’m not here to say whether Torre is a bigot or not, Hernández may have a point in regards to white umps getting promoted. I do know that Hernández doesn’t get to work World Series games because he’s a fucking terrible umpire. Read more

What he lacks in style and technique he makes up for in a superior corner team, fashion sense, nicotine intake, and incomprehensible gibberish.

It sickens me to see such a solemn holiday cheapened to sell - oh