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Road trips are my zen. I’ve driven 30+ straight hours multiple times and 20+ dozens, put 8,400 miles on a rental in 18 days, but the Detroit to Vegas and back in an extreme aero Viper ACR was pretty epic: Read more

I have the opposite. I turned down free tickets to go to a Tigers/Brewers game on June 12th, 2007 cuz I had to get up early the next day. 2 minutes later I changed my mind and went with two friends, we got to Comerica in the 2nd or 3rd inning. Seats were front row next the field down the first base line. Verlander Read more

Nasser’s actions had been reported to police earlier, and it went nowhere. These assaults had been reported to police, who one way or another swept it under the rug. Read more

My story made the rounds but Jalopnik was too busy with used car dealer’s air-blowy things getting stolen to worry about actual car theft at time. 50k views with hitting the front page is pretty decent. I called my shot, and everything that’s happened since has validated my thoughts and then some. But it was too Read more

At this point if they recover my tools (longshot) they’ll be tied up in court for years. I should have written about the fight I had with State Farm total loss over the value of the Scat Pack. As crooked as DPD. Read more

They didn’t want to share it a year ago, no reason to share it now. I’ll keep posting where I get paid for writing. Read more

Yeah, and it’s not over. When the other shoe drops it’ll get even more bizarre. This is a fraction of the story. Read more

I’ve been one of Hennessey’s biggest detractors and would like to see him receive less pub. But I think you guys did a decent, critical piece on this thing. The tire science is fascinating. Read more

Confidence, style, and sociopathic tendencies.

Yeah. Stafford has lined the Lions up in less time many times. One yard isn’t exactly a deep play, but I’m blind, what do I know. Read more

The Lions literally moved 27 yards in 7 seconds to run a play against the Vikings last year. Read more

Maximum Steel, Passenger seat, red seat belt with leather comfort/sound system, trunk carpet, storage package, Demon Crate. I did order one, and this is it. Read more

Not because he’s famous, but because he’s still tenacious on the mound. He typically gets better as the year progresses. After injuries slowed him down in 2014 Detroiters thought he was washed up. Most doubted he’d ever be even a decent pitcher again. Then he had 1.0 WHIPs in 2015 and 2016 including a Cy Young caliber Read more

Not sure why people think JV was upset at Dyson (from Detnews): Read more

I’ve gotten pulled over a lot, but went 10 in a row and 11 out of my last 12 without a ticket.

Gibson is terrible. For some reason they want to run Rod Allen out, but as goofy as he is, he’s infinitely better than Gibby. It was a part time experiment last year and from what I’ve read they’re giving him even more in the booth this season. Read more

Need urban brawlers just to get around Detroit. Wanted to buy back the stolen Challenger to go more Mad Max, never got the chance.