Darth Vader
Jul 13

Hey, Land Rover, this is what you were supposed to do with the Defender.

Oct 10 2019

I liked it BECAUSE it was an echo chamber. In the Trump era, there can be no civil discourse with the other side. If I wanted to interact with Nazis, I’d rejoin Facebook. Read more

Oct 10 2019

From the Grayening to the non-stop Tomato trolling, who knew that having open disdain for your customers was a bad business model?

Oct 10 2019

No room in your garden for a doge, Tomato?


Oct 10 2019

This is such bullshit. This was one of the main outlets I read, because I can read the same shit elsewhere, but it’s less funny, and the comments literally everywhere else on the internet are completely and utter trash.

Oct 10 2019

So, let’s collect ideas for where to go now that splinter is dead. I tend to like crooksandliars, but the commentariot sucks and the site as a whole is stuffed with more ads than the GMG sites.

Oct 8 2019

I don’t think anyone can reasonably expect any elected official to know every variance of every law that might apply to every situation they find themselves in.

I think everyone can and should reasonably expect that every elected official would know enough about the law (to say nothing of ethical behavior and basic Read more

Oct 8 2019

Dismiss “romostrodamus”, it’s just a rightwing pissbaby troll.

Oct 8 2019

You mean Turkey makes the structural frames for same F-35 fighter that has consistently failed to deliver the promised results, become the most cost overrun plagued defense project in history, and has basically been one giant clusterfuck from the moment it was designed? That F-35? Read more

Oct 6 2019

Today on Deadspin: Chris Thompson breaks down Chris Thompson’s break down.