Butters 911
Friday 12:01PM

I think I ate there once, but plenty of chain restaurants serve mediocre food, and they’re still around. Read more

Wednesday 8:39AM


Wednesday 8:39AM

Rogan is a moron and completely full of shit. He operates under the guise of being some kind of libertarian but he embraces the worst of the worst that the far right has to offer, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Alex fucking Jones. Anyone who attempts to defend his stupidity can get bent

Wednesday 8:20AM

I’m both shocked and disappointed by the apparently large overlap between AV Club Commentariat and Joe Rogan defenders.

6/07/21 5:29PM

“Yes, because that doesn’t happen at countless other events (e.g. proms, homecomings, parades, quinceañeras) for teen girls and women of every fucking ethnic group.” Read more

6/07/21 4:36PM

I love how the article tries to insinuate that it was terrible that she took a week to respond to this manufactured controversy. Y’all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

6/03/21 4:17PM

An article about Jessica Chastain in Tammy Faye makeup should include at least one picture of Jessica Chastain in Tammy Faye makeup.

6/03/21 2:49PM

I think Tammy Faye also spent hours in makeup to get that Tammy Faye look.

6/03/21 11:08AM

Let’s go with “She came from means, matched up with a Bond villain, and is now soft selling his weird ‘libertarian’ wet dream of being the first oligarch to found his own planet (on the backs of whatever sad proles he wrangles into the scheme), by way of attaching the concept to a bad approximation of a political Read more

6/03/21 10:31AM

Last night, musician Grimes posted a nonsensical “proposition for the communists” on TikTok. In it, she rambled on about how the widespread implementation of artificial intelligence can be utilized to quickly get the world to a state of communism, where “no one has to work,” corruption ceases to exist, and equality Read more

6/02/21 1:22PM

It’s just so visually dark and grimey, in that uniquely late 80s/early 90s way. And, for a movie about teenage, mutant, ninja, turtles, way too grim and bleak.

6/01/21 5:03PM

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that someone who was crowned “most fuckable of her barely legal peers” by a bunch of old men was probably not thinking hard about any of the implications involved. 

6/01/21 5:00PM

“I looked the group up on Altavista AND Dogpile, and all I found was their address and phone number.”

6/01/21 4:59PM

“Sorry! I should have asked Jeeves about it!” -Ellie Kemper

6/01/21 4:52PM

So she entered a pageant and/or attended some weird debutante event. Is there any indication that she was aware it had a racist history? It may be hard for some on here to believe, but googling the damn thing wasn’t an option in 1999.

5/29/21 4:35PM

Gavin MacLeod and Ed Asner, two guys that prove my theory: if you’re an actor who looks like you’re 55 at 35 you’ll be working forever.