Butters 911
5/30/21 10:22PM

Aw man I adore the Mary Tyler Moore show. This makes me sad

5/19/21 8:27PM

All of this sounds great, except for the Tim Burton part. He hasn't done anything good in over two decades.

5/19/21 8:24PM

I really liked this episode. And that Britta was the only survivor.

5/19/21 7:47AM

Gaslighting is a real thing but that's not what happened here. Also, she's so brave :/

5/16/21 12:10PM

I haven't seen the episode yet, but I think this is the first time the Muppets have been on SNL since the original cast.

5/13/21 3:26PM

If i didn't think Ellen was a real piece of shit before that interview I do now.

5/12/21 6:01PM

I just need more of a challenge. I've already made all my employees cry twice. What else is there?

5/11/21 12:35AM

After turning their kids against Nicole Kidman because she's 'a suppressive person' and they have no contact with her, Tom Cruise can fuck himself 

5/10/21 12:47PM

Any woman going on a date with you should probably keep some mace in her purse.

5/07/21 2:47PM

I enjoyed the Muppets Now On Disney Plus, but there was practically no Gonzo, my favorite Muppet. I’m glad he’ll be front and center for this. 

5/04/21 1:08AM

What the hell are you talking about? I guess you're so much smarter than the unwashed masses.

4/26/21 1:55PM

I would join a cult run by Nicole Kidman, no questions asked.

4/25/21 12:41PM

Chloe is pretty good too, but there should be room for both of them.

4/25/21 12:39PM

Im sure this doesn't matter at all to Lorne or NBC, but I've watched SNL every week for over twenty years now. The only episode I Skipped was when trump hosted and this will be my second skip episode. 

4/23/21 1:25PM

This whole recall pisses me off. Newsom was elected in a landslide and the people supporting this are people like Mike Hickabee who donated millions. The system is fucked that in a state with 38 million people it takes like a million signatures to get this on the ballot. So Orange County can get bitchy and force a tax Read more