Apr 23

Kazushige Nojima is the scenario writer here and one of the script writers as well. You might know him from one of his other works where he was scenario designer and writer: Final Fantasy VII.

You might also know Tetsuya Nomura from another work he was a writer(and character designer) on called Final Fantasy VII.

You Read more

Apr 2

What if the nipple tape was used to cover up his nipple rings? How deep does this mystery go!?

Mar 17

My store is still doing the launch at 9:01pm PST. Our reasoning for it is that this way it is controllable. For launches like this we have guests in groups of 10 that we can let into the store one group at a time, and that can be kept separate while they wait. It is also much more efficient due to the pre-ring process Read more

Jan 27

I was going to make a pun about GameStop’s prices for used games but this is seriously bloody scary 

Jan 7

I don’t really get speedrunning. I don’t watch streamers as well. I really don’t understand how all this culture came to be. Read more

Dec 16

Speaking as a Japanese dude, you have no idea what you’re talking about. The rising sun motif is a major source of controversy between Japan, Korea, and China in particular. Whether in popular culture or anything else, anything that includes the rising motif is subject to huge backlash in Korea in particular, where it Read more

Dec 12

Once again a G/O site does a “Games of the 2010's”-esque list and doesn’t include GTA V. /s

Oct 29

I love having watched the Conservative Gamer youtube sphere having done a complete 180 on their opinions about politics in games.

Reactionary Gamers: “Get your politics out of my video games!
Also Reactionary Gamers: *blowing a bubble pipe sitting next to their parent’s fireplace* “The intricate webbing of corporate Read more

Aug 30

Curious did you guys reach out to him? You had no problem quoting his “victims” even though now it would appear they bent the truth.