Mar 17

My store is still doing the launch at 9:01pm PST. Our reasoning for it is that this way it is controllable. For launches like this we have guests in groups of 10 that we can let into the store one group at a time, and that can be kept separate while they wait. It is also much more efficient due to the pre-ring process Read more

Aug 30

So, I would give the video a watch. It’s long, yeah, but informative. Was what he had going creepy and unhealthy? Very much yes to both, but the allegations of predatory pedophillia don’t hold water at all. I think that this whole scenario is part of what happens when an ill-informed hate mob gets started and aimed at Read more

Oct 25 2018

I think the true target of the promotion are those with “defective” Nintendo Switches. GameStop will still buy them back at their current promotion value ($200), and THEN apply the defective fee (somewhere around $40). It turns what would be shelling out $300 for a new Switch into $160 for a new Switch.