VW Max

Oppo has really been taken over by the mk 7s lately. Alltracks, sportwagens, GTIs, everyone is doing it. I love the color!


 It's an OTA upgrade, his car now gets an extra 5 miles of range per charge.


To say that this is saddening does not do my emotions justice. Mythbusters was a huge part of my childhood. Read more

Jul 13

There was a Samoyed at one of my clients’ homes. I vividly recall the day—mid January, 4pm—when the family had to leave in a hurry, but couldn’t trust the dog at home alone. I’d been doing their windows for a few years at this point and they’d always leave a key if they weren’t home, so... They asked if they could pay Read more

Jul 13

My take away here is that I can put a sprayer top on my bottle of ATF and I’m not sure what to do with this information.

Jul 13

Not necessarily a ban, but mandatory automotive maintenance classes for all students at either 14 or 15. Checking basic fluids, changing a tire, pumping gas, basic troubleshooting. If you don’t pass, you cannot take a drivers test, you cannot get your license, therefore you cannot drive. I was shocked when I learned Read more

Jul 12

I got a phone call similar to that awhile back. I informed them that as a professional porn star any content they leaked of me “performing” constituted copyrighted material, and that I wouldn’t be ashamed at all that it got out. Plus, I would greatly appreciate the added exposure for my particular talents in the kink Read more

Jul 12

A real point! No matter how many airbags, automatic braking, blind spot awareness, whatever gadgetry, people still find a way to undo just about everything with their own commitment to stupidity. Part of my national mandate for standard transmissions is that you can’t steer, shift, and hold the phone at the same Read more