2/21/17 12:29PM

Wow, It does fade in and out & I totally agree with comment that she is not talking about Brad Pitt when she says ‘we will always be a family’ she’s talking about herself & her kids! But her makeup and fillers/weight gain is on FLEEK!

2/21/17 11:10AM

I find it very sad that rocket scientists don’t get paid Kardashian Klan money

2/21/17 10:50AM

I wish she would pull the producers’ hand out of her ass. She’s fun/ny when she’s not being their mouthpiece.

2/21/17 10:32AM

When Lisa Rinna is all silly and upbeat on RHOBH she’s a blast. But then she gets gossipy and makes trouble, especially for herself. She never learned to stop wildly speculating about other people’s health and spreading rumors, which always turns out bad.

2/21/17 10:26AM

I will say this; I spent the weekend watching a marathon of KUWTK (my mom has dementia and it’s easy for her to follow along and their flat affect helps), the difference in their lifestyle from the first season to now is incredible. In the first season, they were mildly famous wealthy people. Now, they’re mega famous Read more

2/21/17 10:21AM

eh. i mean they have for sure crossed over a line of decency many times, but in general, she took a family that had no real talents, a daughter who was possibly going to be exploited by a sex tape and turned that ship around. build a dynasty and made every one of them enough money that they can all live in lala land Read more

2/21/17 10:15AM

Try the Swedish versions. I think they were brilliant. Especially Noomi Rapace.

2/21/17 10:00AM

For some reason I can only picture Tom Cruise cleaning like this:

2/21/17 9:53AM

Personally, I figured the Page Six story was put out there by Brad’s camp to combat the images of Angelina+kids all attending the premiere of First They Killed My Father in Cambodia. In context her quote seemed to be more about her and the children always being a family with or without Brad’s involvement.